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Choosing the right car speakers doesn’t have to be a tedious and lengthy process. There’s a lot of things to consider, which we’ll be going over in this guide. We’ll first be showing you how you can find compatible car speakers, then we’ll teach you how to choose the right aftermarket car speakers for your vehicle. By the end of this guide, you should know everything there is to know about finding the right aftermarket car speakers for your vehicle and your music. Best Aftermarket Car Speakers 2022: Reviews & Buyer guide.

One of the most important things to consider when choosing speakers is what kind of music you listen to and what kind of sound system you have currently installed in your car. There are different kinds of speakers and even different kinds of ways for the speakers to be installed. This can make it a little bit more difficult to find something that is exactly right for your car.

So, the first thing you can do is find out some information about what kind of sound system you have currently and how you would like to change it. If you are not happy with your current sound system and want something much better it may be easier to install new speakers that you can use with the receiver that’s already in your car. However, if you want to upgrade without making any major changes to your existing car stereo, then it may be easier for you to find an add-on speaker system that will plug into your existing receiver.

Today we will be talking about how to choose the right car speakers for you and your car and your music one of the first things you should consider is what speakers fit your car and thankfully some sites have done a lot of the work for you.

 Once you’ve entered your vehicle details on  website  it will show you list some speakers and receivers that we know will fit either with or without modifications once you plug your vehicle in and you can tell what fits your car there’s a lot of other things to consider first off what is your end goal are you just trying to replace a blown speaker are you trying to build a really great sound quality system or somewhere in between.

All of those things should be considered when you’re choosing your speakers let’s start with a simple speaker replacement maybe you just need a new set of speakers to replace a blown factory speaker where you just want a little bit better sound but you don’t want to make major changes.

Choosing Speaker.

You should be looking for a couple things in your speaker  with high efficiency this is the sensitivity rating generally High sensitivity is somewhere in the 90 DB and up Ranch those speakers will do more with less power which is important because your factory radio doesn’t have a lot of power so higher-efficiency speakers will sound better than lower efficiency speakers.

When you are using a factory radio you also want to look at the power handling of your speaker’s you don’t need speakers that can handle a lot of power in fact you want speakers that can work with not much power at all and if the speakers you’re looking at have a Power Ranger given look for a very low number for example some speakers will work with as little as 2 watts of power. 

Once you put your vehicle into the website listed below and you’re looking at all the choices you might be a little overwhelming there’s a lot of speakers that fit in most car and sometimes there’s even multiple sizes that will fit in the same location in your car that’s because of things like speaker brackets and the ability to put smaller speakers into a larger opening.

So whenever you can go with the largest speaker that will fit in any particular location in your car for example if you have a choice between 6 1/2 and 500 quarters 6 1/2 generally will sound better they’ll go a little bit deeper and play Amor full Sound by reporters won’t have quite as much space as a six-and-a-half let’s apply that same logic to the Tweeter.

Speaker Specifications

If you’re comparing a couple speakers and one of them has a larger Twitter than the other for example a 1 inch silk Dome tweeters compared to 1/2 inch steel film Twitter that larger Twitter will also sound better it will blend better with the wolf and give you a nicer sound all the way from the high frequencies down through the mid-range blending into the woofer.

Another specification you’re going to see on most  speakers is the frequency response these are the frequencies that the manufacturer says any particular speaker can Faithfully reproduce the lowest number is bass how low can it go the higher number is all of the high frequencies that stuff the electric guitars and the female vocals.

Trumpets and things like that this rain is kind of important if you’re looking for the speaker with the most bass go with the largest bigger you can with the lowest frequency response and on the high end you’ll see some speakers go all the way up 20000 Hertz and Beyond the range of human hearing is from about twenty hurts to about 20,000 Hertz and most of our ears can’t even hear up that high so as long as your speakers go to about 20,000 Hertz and beyond your fine if you’re looking for something above and beyond a simple speaker replacement you’re going to want to look for a couple different things.

You can get better speaker that are made with better materials that will also handle more wattage this allows you to get a bigger amplifier like as in an aftermarket radio or a separate amplifier and when you have extra power for your speaker’s you don’t have to be as concerned about the sensitivity rate as you start looking to the speaker options.

You will notice that some speakers have tweeters and mid-range is built into the basket along with the woofer some of them have separate tweeters these are called component systems and they can be very different when it comes time to installing speakers with the tweeters and mid-range has built-in we generally call these two-way and three-way speaker.


There going to be a little bit easier to install than a component system because they will simply replace the factory speaker in the main Factory opening in your doors are on your – or in your rear deck the benefit of going with component speakers where the Twitter is separate from the woofer is better.

Imaging up front and that happens because your tweeters generally mounted up a little bit higher making those higher frequencies much easier to hear you kind of wanted to sound like the band is on the hood of your car one thing to consider when installing components is that the whippoorwill generally be a straightforward replacement however the Tweeter will be a little bit more difficult to install we always want to consider a Twitter as a custom installation you’ll be doing things like fabric heading a Brack.

And that’s where all your speaker connections are made the job of the crossover is to send the high frequencies to the Tweeter and the low frequencies to the woofer that crossover has to be put somewhere you can put it in your doors and kick panel somewhere or even back by your amplifiers some of the component systems that are kind of made for you to hook them up to your factory radio the crossover might simply be an inline capacitor with your Twitter.

So there’s not much extra installation concern there again the benefit of component speakers of getting that Tweeter mounted up a little higher and creating a nicer stereo image in a better soundstage you can always put those extra tweeters in your car though so you might need to go with it 2 way or 3 way and there are some with a swimming or pivoting Twitter

So that you can angle it up towards your listening area forward your ears so that even though your will for his mounted down low on your door you can sort of angle the sound up to where you can hear it and as long as we’re talkin about Twitter’s.

Materials used in Speakers.

Let’s talk about the materials used in making speakers and how they sound there several common materials and they all have a slightly different total characteristic for example silk or cloth tweeters will typically sound warm and musical ceramic or metallic leaders will usually sound a little bit more Crispin sharp and precise some tweeters even have a little switch on them which is an attenuation switch.

This allows you to determine just how bright they sound and that’s important if your speakers are mounted in different places if they’re mounted up high fairly close to your ears you might tone them down a little bit but if they’re mounted down low in your doors you might want to make them a little bit extra bright to get that sound to be a little clearer and sharper.

Next we’ll talk about woofers the woofer is usually the biggest part of the speaker and it’s responsible for the lowest frequency is all the way down into the base and up into the mid-range Whooper materials will also differ just like Twitter material you’ll see things like paper plastic.

Polypropylene blacks some very exotic materials and some of our more expensive options when they design speakers with her going for is something that can accurately and Faithfully reproduce the music without Distortion to do that that will 4 needs to be light weight and rigid so I can handle the power and move in and out without Distortion.

Around the outside edge of the woofer cone is something called the surround this is part of the speakers suspension system it connects the wolf or Cohen to the frame and allows the wolf or Cohen to move in and out making music the material of that surround is actually pretty important.

As well you’ll see foam surround on most of your factory speakers which is why they deteriorate and fall apart after a few years in your car most of our aftermarket speakers have either treated cloth or butyl rubber surround on these materials will last a lot longer they’ll be more durable and still give your speaker the freedom it needs to move in and out playing the music. 

Best speakers in the market.

The best aftermarket car speakers in 2021 and finding the right one for your needs and budget so let’s get started our list begins with 

a JBL GTO 629 vs JBL GTO 629 speakers can be an ideal upgrade to our present speakers made with carbon injected cone material it can reproduce music the way the artist initially intended accurately and it’s 30 a voice coil will let the speaker function at and the fishing forums on powering which will enable them to utilise every watt of power.

JBL GTO 629 vs JBL GTO 629
JBL GTO 629 vs JBL GTO 629

It has a vented magnet with high thermal capable voice coil I can’t effectively dispersed heat from entering your product last while the edge driven speaker called allow higher sound levels with the same amount of power and with the smartly design still mounting adapter ring these JBL GTO 29 go ask y’all can be mounted in various hole sizes from 6 to 6.75.

In all this JBL GTO 629 is a well-made good sounding speaker with some of the best mid-range performance at an affordable price and if you are looking for a durable speaker than this JBL GTO 629 is what you need next is Tesla Model S the Tesla Model X has been recreated the same authentic Rich sounds that were recorded in the artist studio.

If there’s just two front and two rear 160 mm cut them 1.2 ohm 250w full range drivers with a base and a hand splint end coming completely DIY friendly it is easy to install plug-and-play without any hassle Zoar outdoor help required it’s lmf technology has the ability to effectively reduced the Distortion of the magnetic circuitry to its lowest while the linear magnetic field technology.

Which combined various magnets for its magnetic assembly inside a start sound speaker you would know that the relatively large size driver management as it start sounding uses y35 strontium barium high-strength Medics which are proven to have Meyer magnetic field distortion as well as using proprietary technology specifically designed for the Tesla Model S.

It’s four dedicated amplifiers pump up to 600 W of continuous power into the 8 inch subwoofer that fits directly into Tesla space box Nexus Rockford Fosgate R 16 5 x 3 this our 16 5x 3 is a 6.5 inch three-way 4 inch speaker rated at 45 watt RMS 4 Factory replacement speakers the speakers have an IT appealing aesthetic appearance and the 8.1 inches high 7.1 in long and 10.9 in wide and dimensions the evidence of the speakers as 4 Ohms.

Rockford Fosgate
Rockford Fosgate

Which is pretty much standard for car speakers and it’s still frame around the speakers will protect it from hard hit while the rubber around the speaker is next in line to protect the speaker itself and its longevity coming in Compact and dimension is excellent for smaller cars.

Also it’s easy to install in terms of sound the speaker will give a crisp clear sound even if you would turn up the volume as well as it’s every speaker in the Fosgate series comes without polypropylene vacuum phoned woofer silk Dome tweeters and stamp still basket frame in all this Rockford Fosgate series are just what you’re looking for and it is also a better option than any all while still being in the friendly pricing Zone.

Next is infinity Aria 6522 IX these infiniti’s reference Series speakers are exceptional Clarity with 1 in Edge driven textiles Weider to bring out all the details of your music it’s tough polypropylene woofer with der Bhai row rubber surround delivered us surprisingly strong performance as well as each plus one plus water will sport a significantly larger kondo speakers of similar size for adding plenty of punch to the speaker smooth and accurate.

Aria 6522 IX
Aria 6522 IX

You can power the speakers with up to 60 watt RMS power as it will work well with external amplifier and are also a good match for a factory radio or aftermarket stereo finally these reference speakers are available in a range of standard sizes and along with that and also features a compact design that will allow them to fit just about any vehicle.

Different amplifiers that help boost sound signals and Pitch additionally it comes with multiple balance tweeters grills Wofford comes along with other drivers for audio drive that make them look good and it’s voice coils made with aluminium that is heat resistant while it’s with her counts are made of plastic material last honour Aaron list Infinity Primus pr6510cs this infinity pr6510cs speaker system comes with two warmers to tweeters and even 2 crossovers similar to the JBL GTO 69.

See the Infinity pr6510cs also uses a +1 polypropylene Wolf’s account design if you can’t push out more air for a more impactful and detail the base and its tweeters are in a driven textile kind of to get softer well-rounded High and the ability to black music for prolonged periods without any overheating issues as we mentioned before it has to cross over in the benefit of having 2 crossovers.

Which is solely dedicated to handling upper frequencies and the other two lower frequencies and this will lead to a more accurate separation of frequencies and greater Clarity in terms of technical specs as a power handling rating of 580 watt RMS in which the speaker can be safely hooked up to a high-powered system as well as with an excellent sensitivity of 93 decibels and can work well with low-powered Dario’s.


Deciding which aftermarket car speaker upgrades to use on your car can be a difficult choice. There are tons of different systems and options available, and it’s only going to get more confusing as the marketplace expands beyond 4″ and 6″ speakers. While you can buy parts individually, it’s generally a better idea to go with a complete system that’s designed specifically for your vehicle, especially if you’re working with a tight space or have an unusual configuration.

Ultimately, there are plenty of great aftermarket car speakers to choose from. The main factor in determining which ones work for you and your vehicle will depend on your specific needs. And if you need more information on that front, don’t hesitate to consult customer reviews and product descriptions of each speaker. Those resources will go a long way towards helping you pick the right ones for your particular needs.

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