2022 Lexus LX 600 Review.

2022 Lexus LX 600 Review
2022 Lexus LX 600 Review

The Lexus LX 600 is a mid-size luxury SUV that was unveiled in the summer of 2023 and was the first completely redesigned model that company released after that Great War. The production version of this model was first seen at an auto show in Los Angeles and was introduced to car enthusiasts like myself and my partner Nick Paladino. This vehicle is clearly aimed at those who want something a little more exciting than your typical luxury SUV, while still giving buyers all the comfort and amenities they love.

Namely the Germans that are not body-on-frame when you look at the exit Mercedes GLS this is definitely different I’m not going to cover the exterior you can watch all the videos and learn all about that but the main thing here is the interior space this is where it leads changes have been just unbelievable.

There are some good things and bad so a lot of the Interior styling is updated from what you mean really cherished on the es cars this modernism in Geometry styling and even have some Lexus LS trade and then you have like the grab handle which looks like something lc500 so their borrowing you can color interior designers like how can we grab all the best parts and try to put it in here the usability mostly everything is physical for the most part the storage space.

Like most Lexus Vehicles as befuddling really the door cards are absolutely unusable if you have large large water cans or anything you really want to go down there it’s not wide enough and it’s something new to complain about and all their products the center armrest makes up for a lot of that by having the duel hinging.

LX 600 Interior

So you can get into it as a passenger or driver but the space in there is pretty small to be honest when you get to the other terms you get a core box the cup holders face is pretty good and the set up a center console area is great because they have an old traditional shifter and all your seat heater and cooling buttons on steering wheel heater all physical they do a great job of keeping most of physical buttons and switches.

In there you expected from a toilet or Lexus product for a long time I love that about it and it’s one of the best parts the one of the worst Parts about the front part of this vehicle is this seems like it was in a development mish-mosh I feel like they started designing the center stack area before they decided they were going to change out the infotainment.

So you have is this conflicting design between the gauge cluster the infotainment and the center screen that controls like hpac but kind of doesn’t they’re all very disconnected and redundant in certain ways like while the infotainment feels ultra-modern and this new way of this new generation of cloud connected.

Mapping from Google Maps and all that it doesn’t really match up with the old boxes gauge cluster in the information and provides for example like if I turn off the screen on the main head unit I have to turn off the center screen for the h v a c and then whenever I adjust the volume it tells you the volume in the hood in the gauge cluster it turns back on the screen the main screen to show you things it’s just not all well integrated and I think that’s where I’m going to leave it for this.

I really didn’t have a cohesive discuss how they want to blend it together and then visually the screen tacked on up here including where the volume volume knob is and how far you actually have to move your arm over and I’m in a very close position of the steering wheel very hard for me to interact with the screen and it just looks so after thought we have to put the new system in here.

But we really don’t know how to integrate it into the dash and this is just really compared to like what we see in the all seeing the ls and the es this is definitely a step backwards of seating Comfort Ultra Luxury of course this is the best you’re going to get the seats in the front or incredible although there is no massaging function which is crazy to me and a car sit back this is $130,000 so there’s certain things here from a luxury perspective that I have high expectations that would be here compared to some of the German competitors.

I kid you not does not adjust forward or back it isn’t a fixed position you can recline but you can’t move forward and back so that means if the driver is taller in the front the passenger behind you is like sandwich back there and it is just I can’t believe that they did this for a car of this type and SUV of this site.

Lx 600 Backseat

Know where they make up for it is in the passenger side where you can literally recline the seat with a footrest you can recline the backseat for massaging and which is a great thing and the massages are pretty good and the overall Comfort is amazing for four people but then you look at the back cargo area like putting a car seat in the back of this thing is very difficult you have to climb through the hatch to get the anchors in so if you’re looking at is a family vehicle.

It’s a lot more work to get into the doors don’t know better than 90° angle front or back and you can see this is a maximum the store opens and much like the back it does not open up a large way so getting in the back of the car orbit in back of the truck if you’re bigger person is difficult squeezing a car seat in there are getting a kid in and out is a lot more frustrating you have an SUV that’s not like the most configurable.

It doesn’t have the most flexibility for passengers and it doesn’t have like the little ergonomic things you want with all of the bits and pieces you want to store in here all of those details combined make me question the price point.

Very minor all is not good stereo separation is just a very flat sounding experience just not in a good way when you switch it over to the it whines the soundstage 3 Lines it more but I can see that more DSP kind of Reverb effect I never found a way to configure this where it has like a really new to a good sounding.

I think a lot of this is speaker placement but you can see the charts in the shop there is so much mechanical stuff to cover the Lexus lx600 Jac truck paste SUV but this is all new on a brand-new architecture for Toyota and is Japanese made SUV carries a lot of changes talk me through it a lot of changes lot of history so obviously this is the LX has the Lexus variant of the Toyota Land Cruiser.

This is the first woman tation of this version of tnga-f which is their truck based platform at the same platform that you’re seeing you is on the American Tundra and the Sequoia the big difference between this and the prize Generations obviously improve suspension geometry move drop a tremendous amount of weight out of this platform.

That dropped little bit over 400 pounds which is a big deal for a modern vehicle to lose weight from a body structure perspective they have aluminum doors but it’s still ways and I watering 1 fully loaded almost 6,000 lb of this is a big boy 1000 lb this is not its ability to go off.

LX 600 Engine

Numbers are still identical that is on change the way it accomplishes its ability to go off-road refined and improves the big thing is in the front the suspension geometry is a little better than it used to be over the shocks that hold more rebound and then you stay you may have claimed that the revisions that are driving modes have made this a far more capable vehicle.

You want to walk me through how many more traditional Arab Spring compressor that inflate and deflate the springs and can change the spring rate can also raise and lower the right height then you have magneride a on some of the products like the GM’s that are electronically controlled the magnetics in the shock to stiffen and decrease the stiffness and they could still pair of those with regular water as well so you have a good consistency of performance ride quality right height.

This Ops for something different you still have coil springs ironically adjusted the valves and can be adjusted to firm or harder stuff here but this has the addition of 4 Corner hydraulically controlled actuators and accumulators so there’s two external canisters they move it so they can change oil flow speed lines runs the car quickly it’s not just like you waiting 3 minutes then change the right height but it’s also maintaining pressure in the accumulator so it’s constantly has a hydraulic load there that can change.

Each corner of this car independently the level ride height to change it to change the right height independently and this is a very high-end system that really is responsible for not only a soft right Ultra Soft ride something that magnetic shocks can’t do anything also firm up the suspension to a high level as it needs to 4 like off roading and if you looked 1 wheel you can keep one wheel soft so that compression changes are rebound changes while you’re firming up for the other.

Lexus LX 600

One that’s why this is so sophisticated however it does not have electronically-controlled they’re disconnecting sway bars yes and when it comes to the right height they of four specific and different right ice there is normal high an extra high and then an entry and exit mode as well as when you’re stopping to feel can you can get me in the mail it to the lowest setting.

It has a relatively low setting when you’re on the highway and during regular driving when you going off-road you can get a really really high if you doing some rock crawling when it comes to the off-road capability of this vehicle this car does not have locking front and rear diff but it does have a low range gearbox and touring mode to help mitigate the lack of traditional lockers.

However you can get a limited slip differential summer sport model the limited-slip is only in the rear end to torrison talk about is drivetrain Jack because that’s one of the biggest changes here to gone are the days of the V8 and now their corporate twin-turbo V6 which person made its appearance on the Lexus LS 500 but that has been massively updated for it struck last ones which we talked a bit about.

The new tundra it’s a carry over there within ten speed directions gearbox that is also been altered in terms of cooling ship logic to it the same gearbox you would find in the LS 500 LC 500 heavily modified for the truck platform so that we know is it’s way quicker to respond it’s way more to write you have wider gear ratios for fuel economy that help the twin turbo V6 and it can also double 4 truck duty.

And towing capacity so it’s this modular concept that most manufacturers are doing to make this huge investment on an engine or drive. Black ones scalable across multiple cars if it’s worthwhile do you want to be there on camera they were burned up. https://quickautobrain.com/2022-toyota-tundra-is-born/

Driving Impression. 

The perfect Lexus lx 600 Ultra Luxury I like the way that sounds forward mode you missed the V8 I do but I don’t and here’s why I don’t miss the V8 so the fuel economy and I played around with this quite a bit because it’s a big big reason why I title would have switched over to this so on average I’m getting 17 miles per gallon.

Next that you might think about that and laugh but if you’ve ever driven a Toyota V8 you’ll know 100% that most of the time you’re only getting 13 so that’s a 4 MI per gallon pump what is that in terms of ability this engine is way more responsive it’s faster the transmission performance this way sharper than the old box but is it really better and I think that’s the one thing that I’ve been contemplating my entire drive for a boat like this because I have definitely had some transmission performance issues.

LX 600

In terms of shift quality and I drive the surrounding Comfort mode all the time granted it’s only has about four hundred miles on it. Ship logic and all that so that the patterns might be sorting itself out but rolling up to a stop and turning left or something like basic driving I’ve had Parts where the transmission fluid go in a neutral State get lost in and slam shift in the first and some really weird herky-jerky stuff. https://www.carmart.ng/public/blog/2022-lexus-lx600/

And then I’ve had really interesting and confusing surging problems just starting off and rolling from a start where you’re getting like this bucking feeling and it it almost feels like Engine Tuning issues but that’s that’s the biggest concern I thought I had about driving this test card which is odd cuz.

I spent a lot of them we’re getting another one as a press card next week but when I was in the tundra what to the same align form sent leave The Identical drivetrain I didn’t have those problems okay so it could be this vehicle you could be the ADD and complexity of the four-wheel drive system causing issues but I think from most people who are looking for a hypro expensive than this is expensive start to 88 on the most people can be buying.

In the mid-1900s you can forget about this one at 1:27 towards the upper trim I don’t think you should buy this I think it’s much like the ls with the executive package where you have the glass on the doors 18 ramps up the price by like a significant amount of 1 words no longer competitive anything so I think personally this for the hundred $5,000 point is a sweet spot.

With a 3 rows decent back seats that adjust and then you get most of the luxury features as the most people the drivetrain right the people that aren’t over the Long Haul that’s something we don’t know yet and I don’t want to judge that so you all you can do is compare this on paper with the competitors that our body on frame which was color that briefly so you have a Grand Wagoneer.

Which I can’t believe I’m saying this has a much better interior space bigger interior space think whatever, but don’t come on this Lexus the massages are only in the back seats for this thing and get them in the front would be a Jeep yes the audio system in the Jeep isn’t amazing but nor is this one has one of the worst audio of the Jeep.

But you know you could argue material and Venice where I think the fit and finish a material choices here is better but the layout in the the way they’ve implemented technology is far worse I think this is the worst and implementation of Technology compared to all the body on frames s luxury SUV’s and when you compare it to like the phone number you’re looking at a luxury product for so you’re the Navigator which is very old huge.

It’s about to get update moving into the luxury of the Range Rover which again is not updated but people of Range Rovers for your buying a Audi Q7 and you of the GLS giant 3 row merge those Vehicles purely from a luxury car I’m never going to go off row and like most LX owners wall 96% about locks owners are never going to leave this regular paper Road those Vehicles do the laundry thing better because this still rides like it’s on the truck platform.

I don’t know man I would argue that a little bit I think this is this is pretty much perfected I don’t know what more you can do with body-on-frame to make it ride like a real it to a compromise that it is body I understand that but new customers are there buying this one body on Friday essentially taken 90% of the harshness out of that and I think that’s the best part of this I think the fitting finished the field to Quality insulation that this gives you is one of the best in class and the ride refinement for body-on-frame is really really good.

Going back to the springs you make a much better make the bust Point all the competitors of caught up even Jeep so everybody does a good job so you’re splitting hairs over that 5 to 10 % refinement this is great but so are the competitors so that leaves you with the question of what are you getting here that you’re literally not getting with the competitors at this point I’ve been in my mind the ability for these things that go off road without the end of the crazy walking to the jeep has the line cruising the election historically have been very capable.

You have a wonderful dealer experience and you have the hypothetical reliability that goes in these products I spoke to the Tundra engine ears and they went on and on about assuring us these things are going to be reliable we talked about in the shop 7 the early problems with 100 Hemi questioning that long-term reliability but this might be this isn’t no Lexus or Toyota V8 we know that already we know that from talking to mechanics on the people that have been working on these far more complicated than the previous engine and harder to work on whether it’s going to be reliable a long-term is another Factor.

We know the 10 speeds than really really Stout and lt500 in the modifications of this to make it even more so we’re talking about the hypothetical of reliability that we don’t know exist on a luxury Product Company culture dictates Lexus is not building hyper disposable garbage cans you talked to Holly to my favorite Brands like Porsha BMW in the mural Brands they’re kind of like good luck once you’re out of the war not our problem anymore.

For the Lexus trucks has been categorically insane compared to other competitor so I guess like every single card trick truck we look at there is an enormous amount of compromise that you have to make between the Brand’s there’s no no one perfect truck SUV luxury product because it depends on your brand. 

600 Ultra Lounge to be honest you are I are probably not going to buy $125,000 what $600,000 what this thing is it is a very refined very capable off-roader however it’s compromise in many ways versus its European counterparts or even American counterparts the Interior Space if you are looking at it from a pure laundry perspective kind of leaves the front document a little bit cold it doesn’t have the latest technology and the rear space isn’t that great word to use this towel kids you can’t really fit car seat back their and it like some of the Interior storage that even the Grand Wagoneer and some of the German counterparts.

Too much better but that being said yellow 600 historically has great residual values it’s probably going to be pretty reliable despite some of the unknowns in the apply for him and if you love Japanese Vehicles is really nothing else like this on the market, let me know your comment below.

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