So, Uh, a Guy Barefoot Water-Skied Behind an F1 Car (!)

After all, what could be more entertaining than a guy running behind an F1 car in his bare feet and waterskies (!)?

Formalized Formula One will be in Miami in just a few weeks, and while an F1 race in one of the most exciting cities in the world is certain to be thrilling in its own right, it will undoubtedly be up against stiff competition from Oracle Red Bull Racing’s theatrical hype video, which was just released in the lead-up to the race.

The theatrical hype film for Oracle Red Bull Racing was published in the weeks leading up to the event. It is entirely up to you when you finish watching the rest of the 11-minute video “Racing to Miami.”

In it, driver Sergio “Checo” Pérez makes a misunderstanding of a phone conversation with team principal Christian Horner and attempts to drive his RB racing car from New York City to Miami in the process.

But please pay particular attention to the most thrilling piece, which begins at 4:33 and includes pro wakeboarder Parks Bonifay, the RB18 race car, and the Florida Everglades as well as other intriguing subjects.

It appears that Bonifay is trying to mediate a lighthearted incident between an alligator and Pérez’s car, and in an effort to show the F1 driver how to get to the Miami Autodrome, where the grand prix is taking place, he recommends that he give him more hands-on instructions on how to navigate the race track.

The intended rendezvous comes to an end as Bonifay attaches a rope to the rear of the F1 car, which instantly pulls off the lake and pulls the wakeboarder down the water towards the (dirt) road Perez is going on. Bonifay then makes his way back to the meeting place.

Most importantly, what is the most pleasurable component of the experience? Bonifay is seen walking about with his feet naked. Barefoot water skiing in the wake of a Formula One race car.

This is an apparent Florida man (men?) joke due to the complete and total zaniness of what Red Bull Racing’s publicity crew has come up with so far.

The stunt, on the other hand, is extremely cool, and it’s included in a ridiculous promotional film that also has cheeky appearances from high-profile figures from the state’s sporting and action sports communities.

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