Tesla Adds Second Screen to Model 3 and Y

Tesla Adds Second Screen to Model 3 and Y
Tesla Adds Second Screen to Model 3 and Y

Tesla just revealed the second screen of the car: a small screen that will replace the traditional instrument panel. I’m going to try to explain where Tesla is going with this and what it means, but I had to work hard because simply put; it makes no sense at all.

Hope you had a great Easter weekend wherever you are and if you don’t already too well I hope you just had a time I still think it’s strange that there’s no screen in front directly from the driver of people have gotten used to the whole idea of having this big screen in the middle of the car and just client singer about the side but no heads Up display and no screen at the front the driver.

I’m a bit if you’re not as well turns out according to a recently that it appears as though Tesla Model y and 3 will both get a new screen in front of the driver was it going to look like I have no idea how do I even know this is a true well I think it is one feature of the three In.

Model Y

The Wild course is only come with the single screen for the entire vehicle cost is a big screen but it is off to the side of the drive this will change after a tear down of the lightest model 3 and model wise mcu that which revealed.

I currently not in use conductor or connector dub second display news.com says that went is that the model 3 back in 2016 the biggest controversy was that it lacked screen behind the steering wheel which you might also calling instrument cluster fly with Stand movie information like spade and audibility information to the main 15 inch touch screen in the centre of the vehicle obviously wants Tesla tomorrow.

Why they went ahead and coffee tomorrow time interior same thing has been saying that that would change at some point but Elon Musk via Twitter has pretty much shot down those rumours saying they are incorrect according to add green the only who is a white hat hacker famous for predicting Tesco’s moves are pretty good track record Electric Vehicle maker. Also see https://quickautobrain.com/toyota-solid-state-battery-development/

Is going to add a second screen to the Malta Inn Norwich to be honest I think it’s really good news and AMD based model 3 and model y Media control unit that’s the new Mini control unit inspection he’s so that there is a currently not in use connector in the mcu Mac as second display the first thing that comes to mine is that maybe Tesla just added this open port not just specifically add a second connected to the model 3 and model y.

But rather is simply using parts from the modulus and the eggs which currently come with the multiple screen connectors which would mean in other words the most in the matter why won’t get a new screen has also examined the use of the os and the ex and he says that are significantly different in the motor in was MC use this means that has intentionally added the connected dog second display for model 3 and model of work while so they do that unless it was too actually equip 03 model y with a screen.

For the driver this make sense the green said no the SX board is different to motoring was bored Display Port wire and location and different words it does look like with this new AMD chip details that has planned on adding a screen in front of the driver when they’re going to do that who knows anyways get.

I would imagine that would happen soon though green was asked when he thought it would happen and he said he doesn’t have a date doesn’t really know bad he has an idea giving an example paracetamol with the original model y with unpopular USB 3 the thing of populated in a level revision. See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=knd62-uUvBk

Which would mean that the more than likely would happen by the middle of this year now this is exciting I think a lot of people have asked if it would be possible to do a retrofit them owners with the current car or at least those with the older Intel bill mcu he said no it’s not possible because they use a totally different power and other harnesses and thickness of the unit.

So if you’ve got the model that uses the older intel-based see you then no you cannot do a retrofit for the vehicle unfortunately however I would same as though if you have the current model with the AMD chip then yes you should be able to add the screen which is good news then obviously that we don’t really know an exact date for when did you scribble the added to that is why I take the sooner the better.

I’m really tickly the majority of cells compared to have this screen in their of many of them to have 15 explain the middle as well so it might as well of the the same features as many they compared with especially in China they could be one of the key reasons why teslas actually doing it and I think about it there one of the biggest markets in the world.

China is the biggest market in the world and if you think about it what are the sizes compared to do it while they’re price their vehicles really really well and systems that they’re obviously offering that additional screen for the driver I guess that’s probably a lot of Chinese consumers of products and it’s come back and let you know what that’s a good idea we should probably do this one has said it’s not necessary in the past but thanks to customer feedback.

He’s changed his mind and when you can sit with this latest charging cable in a phone’s been going on about removing a charging cable and then it’ll anaesthetic turn off we take your feedback will just how we doing this based on feedback he said he’s a bit more than likely to hearing feedback and responding to feedback would you prefer to have a screen in front of you a digital screen behind steering wheel as well as the centre screen is that an option that you want or would you prefer to have that there as well just not to have it let me know what you think in the comments section below.

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