The New Electric BMW i7 Series Is Shockingly Brutal

The New Electric BMW i7 Series Is Shockingly Brutal
The New Electric BMW i7 Series Is Shockingly Brutal

BMW i7 First Look: The New Electric 7 Series Is Shockingly Brutal

BMW has finally introduced a challenger to the Tesla Model S, modernizing the famous BMW 7 Series lineup with a new generation of both combustion and pure electric sedans. The BMW i7 is the name given to BMW’s new flagship electric sedan, which is constructed on an all-new architecture shared with the company’s combustion-powered 7 Series family. It has 536 horsepower and 549 pound-feet of torque, as well as an anticipated range of 300 miles.

The “Masterpiece” of the 7 Series

We’ve already covered the new combustion mild-hybrid BMW 760i xDrive and 740i in detail, but it’s the i7 that company executives have labeled their “masterpiece.” Both combustion variants are equipped with the M Sport Package as standard, but the i7 stands out with a, shall we say, distinct appearance when it is not (though the package is still available as an option). You should really examine the M Sport dress-up accessories.

The most amazing aspect of the i7 is how well it integrates with the 7 Series family in a way that BMW’s other I EV vehicles aren’t with their internal-combustion counterparts, such as the i4 and 4 Series range and the iX, which has no direct parallel, at least not in terms of moniker. The i7 even has a fundamental design that is similar to the normal 7, right down to the redesigned front end with its bizarre collection of LEDs, intakes, and grille apertures.


BMW claims that the i7 xDrive60, or “i7,” will have a range of around 300 miles “based on EPA test method criteria,” despite the Environmental Protection Agency has yet to confirm this. It is powered by a battery pack with an useful capacity of 101.7 kWh that is wedged between the axles under the automobile. BMW claims that its most recent battery cells, which are installed in the vehicle, are manufactured in Germany using locally produced green hydroelectric energy, which will aid the company in meeting its carbon-neutrality targets.

The i7 accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in 4.5 seconds and has an electronically regulated top speed of 149 mph. As for weight, it’s 7,165 pounds according to the door placard of a European floor model we looked at, which indicates that it’s quite heavy. Power is given using two electric motor drive units, one for each axle, resulting in all-wheel drive performance.

Each of BMW’s eDrive units, which are currently in their fifth iteration, is housed in an ultra-compact housing that includes an electric motor, power electronics, and transmission. The motors of the i7 do not utilise rare-earth elements, as some competitors do, instead operate “according to the principle of an electrically stimulated synchronous motor, where it is a perfectly regulated electrical feed that sends the rotor in motion rather than fixed permanent magnets.” This is the same technology that is utilized in the iX electric SUV.


An EV that serves as a showcase

BMW claims that technologies found on its i4 and iX electric vehicles, including as regenerative braking, charging software, temperature management, and the BMW Maps charging navigation system, have been updated for the i7. There is also the new feature of charging profiles for various stations, which allows the vehicle to prepare for charging as it approaches a previously stored location. The purchase of an i7 includes three years of no-cost, unlimited charging through Electrify America. see also

The i7 is somewhat wider than the outgoing 7 Series, and it comes equipped with adaptive air suspension and self-leveling technology that lowers the car by 0.4 inch when in Sport mode or when traveling over 75 mph. The suspension system may also lift the vehicle by 0.8 inch. Standard Integral Active Steering, which can turn all four wheels, improves high-speed cornering and low-speed handling while also shrinking the car’s turning circle by 2.5 feet.

The car is equipped with 20-inch aerodynamic gunmetal gray wheels and mixed all-season non-runflat tires, though you may upgrade to alternative 19-inch wheels with all-seasons or 20-inch wheels with mixed performance tires at no additional cost. As an option, 21-inch wheels with high-performance tires are offered as an upgrade. All performance tires are equipped with foam inserts, which help to reduce tire and road noise in the silent EV.

BMW executives assured journalists at a preview last week that each version of the new 7 series, including the i7, was developed with testing on the German Nürburgring as well as the Autobahn, in order to develop a “extremely rewarding” driving experience that can also handle longer, more comfortable rides. The BMW i7 and new 7 Series represent another “Neue Klasse” of vehicle for the automaker (a term that was first used on the original 2002 and related models that established BMW’s sport sedan credentials decades ago), providing customers with the comfort of choice as the industry begins to electrify.


The inside of the i7

Inside, a massive new curving display, which displays BMW’s latest iteration of iDrive technology and extends from the center console to behind the steering wheel, greets you. The inside layout now includes a new BMW Interaction Bar, which transforms the crystal interior trim light strip into a touch-sensitive control panel that includes four-zone climate settings, danger lights, a glove compartment, and door-close buttons. Despite this, the redesigned interior has been expressly designed for gesture and voice control, with only a few physical touchpoints.

The i7 comes standard with heated seats and the Radiant Heating Package, which includes a heated steering wheel and armrests. BMW Individual Merino leather with cashmere wool in a Smoke White and Light Grey combination is an exciting new option for the i7 xDrive60, and BMW claims it is environmentally friendly. The roof of the i7 is a single permanent glass surface with LED lighting and pre-programmed light shows, as well as a sliding shade for sunny days.

Spectacular Mode (Theater Mode)

A rear theater experience, priced at $4,750, is now available as an option on the new i7. A 31.3-inch 8K touchscreen display with Amazon Fire TV is attached to the roof of the vehicle and automatically folds up and out of the way when not in use by the back passengers. The screen controls, back climate controls, and the motorized rear seats are all controlled by new 5.5-inch touchscreens that have been installed in each rear door. The new theater system accommodates a variety of user profiles, allowing for a more customized viewing experience. It’s simply a little Fire-equipped TV, similar to the kind you may have at home, except it’s mounted to the roof of your 7 Series.

Additionally, the vehicle’s sound animations have been written by Oscar-winning Hans Zimmer, who just completed the soundtrack for the film Dune. He’s written melodic drive soundtracks for the i7, which is all electric and rather quiet. There are seven different drive sound effects, the most powerful of which is available in Sport mode, and more can be added later via OTA updates. The composer is also responsible for the animated tune that plays on the theater screen.

Pre-orders for the all-new i7 begin today, April 20, 2022, at 8:01 a.m. eastern time, and will demand a $1,500 deposit, with deliveries expected later this year.

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