The Audi Ubran Sphere Is Not A Wheeled City Sphere

Despite the fact that it is not a sphere on wheels, the Audi Ubran sphere Concept is designed for urban comfort.

In contrast to the first two Audi “Sphere” concepts, which focused on the sporty (Skysphere) and luxurious (Grandsphere) futures of electric, fully self-driving vehicles, the new Audi Urban sphere concept is geared toward those who live in densely populated “megacities” such as those found in East and Southeast Asia.

With Level Four Autonomy, the focus of this “Sphere” is on how the layout of an EV contributes to the creation of a first-class experience, which includes a lighted “red carpet” path for passengers to walk along as well as privacy panels, individual screens, and even fresh water service while riding to and from work.

A Vehicle With a Deceptive Appearance

From the outside, the Urban sphere resembles many of the new electric vehicles we’re seeing: A CUV-like body with low overhangs, a lift gate, a frunk, and four doors is used in this vehicle. Although you would believe that this is simply another normal people mover with an Audi emblem and some clever external lights at the front and back, you’d be incorrect; we’ll get to that later.

You’ll immediately know that this isn’t designed to be a standard people mover as you open the doors, which include the suicide rears.

Treatment of the Highest Quality It’s As Simple As Walking Up to It

The first thing you’ll notice is that there is a red glow emerging from the bottom of the Urban sphere, which you should investigate further. It does not, however, direct you to the front two seats of this three-row vehicle; instead, it directs you to the middle row seats, which appear to be more at home on a private aircraft or in first class on an international airliner.

These center seats swivel towards you for simple access, which is made even easier by the vehicle’s architecture, which has a pillar-less open door design.

These chairs almost completely encircle you while you sit, similar to how a modern type chair does. Upon swiveling the central console upward, it seems as though it is floating towards you, with glasses for the integrated water dispenser hidden beneath it.

It is not only possible to have a private screen to gaze at while traveling, but there is also a transparent OLED screen that pivots down from the ceiling and between the two front seats, allowing you to share a screen with your fellow passenger.

You may offer yourself some privacy by activating a button on the door controls if you so want. This adjusts an arching panel positioned behind the headrest in the space between you and your fellow travel companion. You may also recline the seats into a lounging position, complete with a leg rest for further riding comfort, just as you would on a genuine first-class plane seat.

Because of the all-glass canopy, you may enjoy some spectacular views of the city while riding around, or you can fall asleep to the sounds of the night sky as you ride.

Controls that do not need the use of one’s hands

Suppose you want to modify your climatic zone but you are unable to physically touch the control positioned on the door panel because you are in a wheelchair. A simple swipe, twist, or movement of your hands can change everything in the Urban sphere thanks to a gesture control, voice command, and eye-tracking technology.

You can even change the station on your radio with a single movement of your hands. Urban shpere will also learn about its riders and adapt to their preferences and commonly used functionalities, resulting in a genuinely personalized VIP experience for each rider.

It even goes so far as to determine whether or not you are stressed by studying your facial expressions and speech. If the Urban sphere detects that you are stressed, it will provide relaxation ideas that you may utilize on your own screen and sound zone in the headrests.

According to Audi, even if you do need to touch anything on Urban sphere, the high-quality genuine wood, wool, and synthetic textiles all provide the users a sense of luxury and are “nice to the touch,” according to their website.

Even when not in use by humans, the interior should be welcoming.

The long-term viability of the interior materials is a distinguishing feature. The seat cushioning is constructed of recycled polyamide Econyl, which is derived from post-consumer waste such as fishing nets, carpets, and stiff fabrics, among other things.

All of the upholstery, including the armrests and rear cloth, is composed of bamboo viscose, which is derived from bamboo fiber that has been ground into a pulp before being extracted by spinnerets. In addition to the fact that trees may be replanted, the genuine wood used in the construction of the Urban sphere is derived from the region in which it is being built.

Audi says that these materials are manufactured without the use of chemicals throughout the production process, but does not specify which chemicals are not utilized during the manufacturing process.

Using the example of bamboo viscose, our brief investigation indicates that sodium hydroxide and carbon disulfide are necessary for pulping the bamboo, while sulfuric acid is required during the solidification process for the extraction of spinnerette. Audi did not specify what procedures it employed in its processing, thus it is unknown.

Screens You’ll Never See in Your Life

The translucent OLED panel isn’t the only concealed screen in the Urban sphere; there are several others as well. When everything is turned off, you will not see any dark squares on the dashboard when looking inside the vehicle. As opposed to this, all of the material and information is projected onto the wooden surfaces themselves.

With its distinct sense of unobtrusiveness, the Urban sphere is great for creating an oasis of peace in the middle of a bustling metropolis.

It provides an opportunity to get away from the frantic and congested landscape.. In fact, Audi goes so far as to include virtual reality glasses in the armrests of the doors that may be used in conjunction with the infotainment system if the user chooses to utilize them while driving.

Autonomy at the fourth level

Urban sphere is designed with Level Four Autonomy in mind, just like the rest of the Sphere concept family. When the vehicle is in full autonomous mode, the whole instrument cluster and steering wheel are hidden under the dashboard.

As a result, the full windshield may be used as a screen for displaying app and content information, which is reduced to only the passenger side while the vehicle is in manual mode.

The Urban sphere, as a level four self-driving machine, will potentially be able to drive itself to a parking place when it is not required to do so.

While the Urban sphere is capable of four-wheel steering, it will not crab walk into a parallel parking place, but will instead choose a space that is ordinarily too tight for people to get in and out of. If it can drive right up to where you’re standing when you’re ready for it, why would you need to parallel park in the first place?

It’s large, yet it doesn’t appear to be so.

The utilization of the Premium Platform Electric (PPE) EV platform, which is another important aspect of the Urban sphere, is another important feature. The Urban sphere is 18 feet long, 5.8 feet tall, and 6.6 feet wide, with 24 inch wheels mounted on an 11-foot wheelbase, making it one of the biggest cars Audi has ever created.

It is also one of the most technologically advanced (concept or otherwise). No one would guess it since the entire car is meant to appear smaller, with features such as a broad, gently curving rear roof arch, huge rockers that assist disguise the completely flat 120 kWh battery pack, and an arched wheel well that is softer in shape.

In addition to Audi’s innovative four-wheel steering system, the Urban sphere makes use of Audi’s air ride and semi-active damper control systems, which should make even driving the vehicle feel smaller.

This huge electric vehicle hides its heaviness as effectively, due to a dual-motor configuration that generates 396 horsepower and 509 pound-feet of torque. The Urban sphere will get up and go in order to maintain its position within the flow of city traffic without breaking a sweat.

The Urban Environment Is Being Charged

Charge times are also reduced due to the big battery’s capacity. The 120 kWh battery pack is equipped with an 800 volt charging technology, which allows the battery to charge at a rate of 270 kW when connected to a DC fast charging station.

The Urban sphere will be able to charge up to 186 miles of range in just 10 minutes, assuming that the necessary infrastructure is present. You can charge from 5 percent to 80 percent in less than 25 minutes, which equates to a range of 466 miles when fully charged. Audi claims both of these figures, which are based on the EU WLTP standard.

A Light-Filled Canvas

Because it is an electric vehicle, the Urban sphere does not require typical radiator holes, as would be required by an internal combustion engine car. Audi, on the other hand, was determined to keep its famous “Single frame” grille form in place.

Audi opted to employ its superior LED lighting technology to build the “Audi Light Canvas,” rather than sculpting it out of plastic and metal.

The entire front end is made up of a massive LED matrix light setup that not only recreates the Single frame, but also serves to provide information to people outside of the Urban sphere, ranging from traditional turn signals to indicate that it is accelerating to large red Xs to indicate a warning or hazardous situation. It may even be utilized to inject some personality into the Urban sphere.

This light canvas is replicated at the back of the car, but with the addition of a stop indicator to indicate when the vehicle is coming to a complete stop.

Finally, the Audi Light Umbrella is included in the Urban sphere as a way for its residents to provide a personal touch of illumination to their surroundings. When the umbrella’s outside skin illuminates to assist the user in ensuring their safety while crossing the street, the inside skin is made of reflective material to give glare-free illumination. That’s ideal for snapping selfies anytime the user feels like it, no matter where he or she is.

Is the urban environment a hint at a possible future vehicle?

Urban sphere, and indeed all of the Audi Sphere ideas, are not usually indicative of a vehicle’s imminent arrival, as is the case with most concept cars. They are just design experiments to demonstrate the company’s most up-to-date technology and to gather information about what the general audience wants.

Particularly tailored to the likes of Chinese consumers, the Audi Urban sphere was developed in collaboration with clients in the Asian country and incorporates characteristics that they requested.

There are numerous aspects of the Urban sphere that the United States would undoubtedly overlook, such as the fact that the majority of people live in the second row of the Urban sphere. In the United States, the majority of the purchasing public would expect to sit in the front seats.

There are also certain characteristics that are dubious, like as the transparent OLED display. While they do exist, the fact is that they are extremely difficult to see clearly against the background of brilliant, similar hues that the display is displaying.

These panels frequently necessitate the use of an LCD or a colored backdrop in order to avoid glare. The same problems arise when projecting anything onto a surface; the instant light is shone on it, the image is rendered indistinguishable from the background.

Not to mention the promise of level four autonomy, which no manufacturer has yet completely achieved in the public domain.

While eye-tracking is being used to verify that drivers are paying attention behind the wheel, and voice commands are now available in many cars, gesture control is still something that isn’t totally trustworthy, but the technology appears to be getting better all the time. All of these features are possibly years away from becoming a reality, assuming they are even viable at all.

Although there are hints of realistic features, there are no actual realistic features.

Like a whole, the Urban sphere is an intriguing concept for anyone who want to be treated as VIP guests on a private plane. For the majority of the rest of us, it’s probably preferable to concentrate on the more realistic signals that Audi didn’t put much emphasis on.

This is something that we’re most likely to see in the future, especially if car lighting regulations in the United States continue to advance at a rapid pace.

We’d be shocked if that didn’t make way into one of Audi’s next electric vehicles, if just as supplementary lighting for the Single form grille on the front of the vehicle. LEDs are compact and powerful enough to be utilized in this manner at the moment, thanks to recent technological advances.

The form of the Urban sphere, the layout of its matching trim, and the prospective usage of Econyl and bamboo viscose fabric on the inside are all design concepts that might be implemented in the near future, among other things.

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