2024 Mercedes-Benz AMG GT Spy Photos and Videos

Despite the fact that Mercedes-Benz AMG replaced its GT Roadster with a revamped 2022 SL last year, the coupe form of the GT sports car has remained in production and will shortly undergo its own overhaul.

The most recent spy photos and videos depict a prototype for the new GT, which we anticipate will be unveiled either before the end of this year or at the beginning of next. The vehicle is anticipated to debut as a model in 2024.

The revised SL was the vehicle that marked the first appearance of the newly created platform known as the MSA (Modular Sports Architecture). This platform will be used by the redesigned GT. Our undercover footage reveals that the Mercedes-Benz GT and SL will have dimensions that are comparable to one another, but that their light and fascia designs will be distinct from one another.

Beyond the superficial differences in appearance, there are bound to be further distinctions between the two automobiles. For instance, the SL has a roof that can be folded down and seats two extra people. This iteration of the Mercedes-Benz GT will only be available as a coupe body style, and its cabin should only have room for two passengers. The SL is designed to appeal to consumers who are searching for performance combined with luxury and comfort, whereas purchasers of the GT are often only interested in the performance aspects of a vehicle. As a result, the Mercedes-Benz should include more hard-core tuning than the SL.

Even though we can’t view the interior, I would expect there to be some variances here as well. It is probable that the GT will not have the huge tablet screen in the central stack like the SL does.

Mercedes-Benz spy photos and video

The standard equipment for the Mercedes-Benz GT should include a twin-turbo 4.0-liter V-8 and a 9-speed automatic transmission, just like it is for the SL. However, it is a certainty that future iterations of the GT will have more power than the SL, which has a maximum output of 577 horsepower at the moment. In addition, rear-wheel drive should be standard for the Mercedes-Benz GT, and all-wheel drive should be an available option for the vehicle. At least in some parts of the world, the SL comes equipped with all-wheel drive as a matter of course.

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