Ford Blue Oval Badges Ran Out, Shipping Stopped.

Ford Blue Oval Badges were out, and Ford was unable to ship cars once they ran out.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Ford was recently forced to delay the distribution of new automobiles because the company ran out of its distinctive “Blue Oval” Ford emblems and model-name trim. We’d call this one embarrassing if it weren’t for the ongoing shortages of parts and other supply constraints that are continuing to ravage the automotive industry as a whole.

Ford Blue Oval Badges issue

As we’ve reported (and the WSJ reminds readers), the scarcity of semiconductors (chips) has been by far the most high-profile issue. It would appear that a previous supplier to Ford was required to halt its manufacturing for a brief period in August while it worked through a pollution issue. This apparently caused a waterfall effect that resulted in Ford parking newly built vehicles such as the Ford F-150 while they awaited their iconography.

Ford Blue Oval Badges Ran Out of , Couldn’t Ship Cars

Ford has not confirmed that there is any connection between the temporarily sidelined supplier and the badge shortage that it experienced, nor has it stated publicly whether or not the affected vehicles were among the tens of thousands that were parked at the Kentucky Motor Speedway in recent times awaiting parts. We have sought out Ford for additional feedback, and we are now awaiting their response.

In the meantime, we are awaiting confirmation that the shortfall predominantly affected the F-150 pickup. In addition, according to the WSJ, Ford claims that thousands of parked new vehicles are missing parts “other than semiconductors,” which, well, Ford Blue Oval Badges and trim count as.

As was previously reported, these made up the majority of the vehicles that were left parked in Kentucky because they had not been sold.

We can understand why Ford could delay the delivery of new automobiles that do not have the Ford name or any of the company’s other distinguishing marks, such as the model name or trim level.

Ford Blue Oval Badges Ran Out of , Couldn’t Ship Cars

For the time being, it appears that the bottleneck in the supply chain is beginning to ease, and any vehicles that were manufactured without the necessary badging are being retrofitted with the appropriate parts before being transported to dealerships for delivery.

But before you go out and buy a new vehicle in the second half of the year 2022, take note of the following important information: One reason is the shortage of semiconductors, but another thing is that you never know what other components can all of a sudden become scarce, like trees.

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