Centro Stile’s Track-Only Maserati Project24

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New Italian Track-Only Special by Centro Stile for the Maserati Project24

Maserati has a long and illustrious history of producing successful racing automobiles, including triumphs in Formula One, FIA GT1, and even at the Indianapolis 500 on two separate occasions. Maserati will construct a version of the MC20 named Project24 that will exclusively be used for racing, despite the fact that the company intends to compete in the following season of Formula E driving an all-electric formula car. It is a car that is only intended for use on the track, and it was built to no requirements other than those that Maserati Centro Stile established for themselves.

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The final version of Project24 will be a two-seat vehicle that satisfies all of the safety requirements set forth by the FIA. These requirements include a roll cage, fire extinguisher, rain lamp, and a fuel cell that is compliant with the FT3-1999 standard and holds 31.7 gallons. Despite this, the Project24 does not adhere to the rules of any racing series, nor is it street legal (although it could be possible to modify it such that it does). Because of this, it looks very much like a car that you would expect to see competing in the GTP category in the 2023 Daytona 24 Hours, with the exception that it has a passenger seat (if you install it) and does not have a hybrid drive.

To confirm, there are no electric motors in this vehicle. The engine is a dry sump oiling system equipped 3.0 liter twin turbo V-6 Maserati Nettuno engine with Twin Spark and TJI double combustion control. The power is transmitted to the rear wheels via a controlled slip, self-locking mechanical differential via a six-speed sequential gearbox, which results in a total output of 740 horsepower. That’s about as close to pure mechanization as you can go in this day and age. Both ends of the vehicle are equipped with adjustable dampers and sway bars in addition to having a suspension that is designed in a double-wishbone fashion. The wheels and tires that Project24 will employ are a set of 18-inch centerlock wheels with slick tires; however, there is no information available on the width of the tires or the size of the tires that will be used. Brembo CCMR ventilated racing brakes provide the stopping power. These brakes feature “bespoke brake cooling” as well as adjustability for both ABS and traction control. https://quickautobrain.com/2023-bentley-flying-spur-s-goes-for-darker-take-on-the-luxury-sedan/


The automobile has a carbon-fiber central monocoque, an all-carbon bodywork, and Lexan windows, which are all building elements that are common for vehicles of this category. Although the aerodynamics are able to be adjusted, Maserati describes the configuration as having “strong downforce.” Whenever there is maintenance to be done on the car’s tires or suspension during track days, the 2,756-pound vehicle will be lifted using a set of on-board air jacks. Within the vehicle, the driver is provided with an adjustable steering column that allows them to position the multi-functional carbon fiber steering wheel in a position that is most comfortable for them. This particular steering wheel will come standardly equipped with a display, in addition to a digital dashboard and a data acquisition system. The driver is further comforted with the inclusion of an air conditioning system; however, Maserati did not specify whether this air conditioning is comparable to that of a road car’s air conditioning or more comparable to the air conditioning that is designed to “keep it around 89 degrees” in closed cockpit race cars at Le Mans. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rmRD–Velng


The good news for consumers is that in addition to track-specific experiences and help, Project24 will also come packaged with itself. When you go to the racetrack, you won’t need to bring a whole pit crew with you because you won’t have to because of this. Due to the fact that there will only be 62 units of the Project24 built, even Maserati believes that this automobile will eventually become highly sought after by collectors. However, this depends on the premise that owners will in fact compete with their horses using this method at the track.

The item in question is a Maserati race car, and although there is no mention of a price or a time date for the sale, the vehicle is currently available. If you have to ask, it’s a pretty safe bet that you can’t afford it, and there’s a strong chance that it’s already sold out. If you have to ask, it’s a pretty safe bet that you can’t afford it.

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