Toyota BZ3 is a Corolla-size electric sedan coming to challenge the Model 3

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On the website of China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, images of the next member of Toyota’s new BZ family of electric vehicles have been discovered.

Coming in 2023 Toyota BZ3

The next member is a compact car with the model name Toyota BZ3. It is one of the thirty electric vehicles (EVs) spanning the Toyota and Lexus brands that were shown off in concept form during the month of December 2017. The idea that served as a sneak preview of the Toyota BZ3 was known as the BZ SDN.

2023 Toyota bZ4X Limited AWD

2023 Toyota bZ4X Limited AWD

The first member of the BZ family, the 2023 BZ4X compact crossover, can be seen to have had a definite impact on the vehicle’s appealing appearance, which can be seen in the photographs that have been reposted by Autohome. The Toyota BZ3 has a front end that resembles a visor, just like the BZ4X, and character lines that give off the impression of being made of geometric shapes.

The interior has not been seen, but it is anticipated that it will be similar to the one found in the BZ4X. This will likely include a digital instrument cluster and a large information display that is oriented landscape-wise. As is the case with the BZ4X, a yoke-style steering wheel may also be provided as an alternative to the conventional steering wheel that is typically offered in China.

2023 Toyota bZ4X XLE FWD

2023 Toyota bZ4X XLE FWD

According to the information that was uploaded along with the photographs, the Toyota BZ3 has a length of roughly 186 inches, which is a little more than an inch longer than a Tesla Model 3, and it can reach a top speed of approximately 100 miles per hour. The vehicle’s propulsion will be provided by a single electric motor mounted behind the back axle, with a rating of either 181 or 240 horsepower. It’s conceivable that the specifications for other markets will be different. See also

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The BZ4X, along with comparable models such as the Subaru Solterra and Lexus RZ, are all built on Toyota’s e-TNGA architecture, which serves as the platform. This is Toyota’s first platform that is specifically designed for electric vehicles.

2023 is projected to be the year that the Toyota BZ3 goes on sale in China. If the Toyota BZ3 gets approved for sale in the United States, it is possible that it will be available as a model. Availability in other markets has not yet been disclosed.

2023 Toyota bZ4X XLE FWD

2023 Toyota bZ4X XLE FWD

You may anticipate the unveiling of multiple other BZ variants in the very near future. By the year 2025, Toyota intends to have a total of 15 zero-emission vehicles in its portfolio, of which it has confirmed that seven would be members of the BZ family.


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