The 818 HP 2023 Ferrari 296 GTS Convertible

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With its 818 horsepower, the 2023 Ferrari 296 GTS Convertible is unstoppable.

With every new Ferrari sports vehicle introduced, you can be sure that a topless version will be released shortly thereafter. As if on cue, Ferrari has announced the arrival of the 296 GTB, a mid-engine plug-in hybrid plaything laden with Ferrari firsts that debuted last year. The 296 GTS is the same basic plug-in hybrid as the 296 GTB but with a fixed roof instead. In recognition of the convertible body type, Ferrari has given this vehicle the moniker “Gran Turismo Spider,” which means “grand tourer.”

While the GTB’s fixed roof is easily removed and stowed behind the cabin, the GTS’ retractable hard top may be deployed when showers begin to fall or your tolerance for the sun begins to wear thin. Both procedures take around 14 seconds. Transformative action on the roof can occur at speeds of up to 28 miles per hour, resulting in the panel above the occupants splitting in half and organizing themselves in a stacked fashion front of the engine.. The engine’s “thermal dissipation properties” and the overall appearance of the car, according to Ferrari, remain unaltered as a result.

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Ferrari has installed a clever vertical window between the cabin and the back deck that can be raised and lowered when the top is down to make up for the extra cut lines across the 296’s lid. Depending on your preference, you may leave it up for less wind rush inside or put it down for some more noise from the 2.9-liter V-6 engine, which, owing to its 120-degree cylinder bank angle and symmetrical firing sequence, practically sounds like a V-12. The “hot tube” sound ducting that directs noise from the exhaust (pre-catalytic converter) directly into the cabin has been revised to ensure that the car’s song continues whether the top is up or down, and Ferrari has even retained the horizontal decklid window that allows onlookers, truckers, or nearby SUV drivers to peer down into the engine bay from above, though the portal is smaller due to the movable panels that allow the roof to be stowed. The 296 GTB has a horizontal

GTS duty is maintained for the remainder of the 296 package, which is quite acceptable: ” With the plug-in hybrid powertrain, which includes the V-6 (654 horsepower and 546 pound-feet of torque), an electric motor (165 horsepower and 232 pounds-feet of torque), and a 7.5-kWh battery, the car can deliver 818 horsepower to the rear wheels through an eight-speed dual-clutch transmission. (Because of the way the hybrid system distributes its power, combined torque is “only” 546 lb-ft, which is the engine’s maximum—but based on our experience with the GTB, this isn’t a problem.) ( The PHEV system, other with producing romantic noises and swerving the 296 about, can rely solely on its electric engine for travels up to 15 miles on a single charge at speeds of up to 84 mph.

eDrive (electric vehicle mode), Hybrid (engine may be turned off for limited times), Performance (engine remains on), and Qualify are the four driving modes available to GTS purchasers, just as they are to GTB customers (maximum performance, less battery charging). Side Slip Control (eSSC) is a technology that can regulate front and rear grip to allow drivers to indulge in some silly antics while the stability hand system actively prevents things from getting out of control.

In addition, buyers of the 296 GTS will have access to the same Assetto Fiorano performance package that is available for the 296 GTB, which includes lightweight carbon-fiber components, aerodynamic upgrades that increase downforce, Multimatic shocks, and Michelin Pilot Sport Cup2R track tires. Additionally, Assetto Fiorano models may be customized with a cool stripe package (as shown on the red car in this photo) that pays homage to the 250 Le Mans race car.

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