Get Your Youngster a Ford F-150!

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As many parents are aware, Ford has cooperated with a number of toy manufacturers over the years to provide a slew of Ford-branded parent- and battery-powered toys that scoot and speed while matching mom and dad’s real-world Ford. Kids have had the opportunity to encounter and master Ford BEVs that predate the F-150 Lightning and the Mustang Mach-E by several years. It’s not even close to being fair. The Huffy Ford BEV is a new addition to the Ford child BEV range. BRO. Every child requires a BRO. Dude. BRO.

It is true that Huffy Bikes—yes, the Huffy that is most known for its bicycles—has teamed up with Ford to develop the Ford F-150 BRO pickup. BRO is an abbreviation for Battery Operated-Ride-On, but if Ford ever gets super-rad and launches an F-150 Bro Edition, we’d want to take credit for it. Fender flares in a bright white color. The front end has been raised. Mud tires that make a lot of noise. In the driver’s seat, you’ll find a complimentary flat-bill cap.

The Huffy Ford BRO, which is based on the third-generation F-150 pickup truck that will be launched for model year 2021, is authentic to the core and seems to be just as smooth as the real thing. Your children will like the third-generation user interface just as much as you do. The Huffy Ford BRO is available in a variety of trim levels, including Platinum and Lariat, and is meticulous in its attention to detail. After all, this is F-150 graphics and design that has been properly licensed by Ford. There’s even a Raptor in the mix. Yes, to a certain extent.

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There are numerous one-seater 6V Ford F-150 BROs available, depending on the age and aptitude of the children. The smallest is suitable for children up to the age of three and has a top speed of 1.5 mph. The upper echelon Platinum BRO has a top speed of 5 mph and is best suited for children aged 3 to 7 who weigh less than 65 pounds.

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The two-seater 12V F-150 Raptor BRO is designed for children aged three to twelve and is available in three colors: Code Orange, Carbonized Gray, and Velocity Blue. A 12V Ranger Lariat, a Ranger Tremor, and an F-150 Lariat are all available.

All of the features on the BRO are about functionality: a power-on button with engine start-up noises, switch-controlled LED lighting, forward and backward motion controlled by the switch, and doors that open and close. There is storage space in the bed in the back, as well as a seat belt, side mirrors, and even a gadget mount for listening to music on a mobile phone or navigating.

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