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  • Ford’s F-150 Lightning Pro Just Got More Expensive

    Shocking News: Ford Has Just Made Another Significant Increase to the Price of the Lowest-Priced F-150 Lightning Pro! While it lasted, it was almost too fantastic of an experience. The original basic price that was assigned to the 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Pro was eye-popping for its size, or lack thereof: Here was an all-electric […]

  • Ford Blue Oval Badges Ran Out, Shipping Stopped.

    Ford Blue Oval Badges were out, and Ford was unable to ship cars once they ran out. The Wall Street Journal reports that Ford was recently forced to delay the distribution of new automobiles because the company ran out of its distinctive “Blue Oval” Ford emblems and model-name trim. We’d call this one embarrassing if […]

  • Review of the Stylish and Practical 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Cabin

    2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Interior Review: Fancy and Functional Ford f-150-lightning Full Overview The Ford F-150 is the pickup truck that sells the most units across all of North America. The next Lightning model, which won’t be available until 2022, will have a hybrid powertrain when it finally arrives.The following is a list of the […]

  • Real-World Range and Charging Speeds of the Ford F-150 Lightning

    Ford F-150-lightning Full Overview The slope of the learning curve becomes more steep when you push an electric car’s battery to its limitations, The Ford F-150 Lightning is something that comes with driving and owning your first electric vehicle for the first time. According to the fact that more than 200,000 reservations have been made […]

  • 2023 Ford F-150 Raptor R, $109,145, 700 hp

      There is a V-8 engine available once more for the Ford F-150 Raptor, and it can be obtained without the assistance of a third-party tuning business. On Monday, Ford unveiled the 2023 Ford F-150 Raptor R, which features a supercharged V-8 engine and 37-inch tires. When it arrives in dealers later this year, it […]

  • Diesel-Powered ’79 Ford F-350 Beats Corvettes and Camaros

    Diesel-Powered ’79 Ford F-350 Beats Corvettes and Camaros With $220,000 Sale Price   In the fast-paced world of automotive buying and selling, Mecum Auctions’ eight-day bidding marathon at the Indiana State Fairgrounds is one of the proverbial “main events” of the year. For consignees (buyers), and especially for consignors (sellers), “Mecum Indy” is the place […]

  • For the 1955 Thunderbird model, Ford used a Boeing turbine to power its engine.

    For the 1955 model year, the Ford Thunderbird had a pretty normal selection of engine options, but the Blue Oval also experimented with something a little out of the ordinary. A gas turbine engine was once installed in a 1955 Thunderbird by the company’s engineers. On Tuesday, Ford historian Ted Ryan shared a photo of […]

  • Ford patents hydrogen combustion engine

    Ford is experimenting with hydrogen-fueled combustion engines, according to patent records. The invention, which should not be confused with fuel cell powertrains, is for a normal internal-combustion engine that would simply burn hydrogen instead of gasoline or diesel, resulting in zero harmful emissions as a consequence. In a patent application submitted with the United States […]

  • Ford patents crazier version of Rivian K-turn, Hummer EV’s crab walk

    A new patent filing hints that future Ford electric trucks could get their own trick maneuverability feature to rival the Rivian R1T and GMC Hummer EV. The Hummer EV’s crab walk allows the hulking pickup to move sideways, while Rivian is working on a tank turn feature that lets the R1T turn in its own […]

  • Get Your Youngster a Ford F-150!

    As many parents are aware, Ford has cooperated with a number of toy manufacturers over the years to provide a slew of Ford-branded parent- and battery-powered toys that scoot and speed while matching mom and dad’s real-world Ford. Kids have had the opportunity to encounter and master Ford BEVs that predate the F-150 Lightning and […]