2022 Honda’s Purple Civic Hatchback Has Arrived at Last!

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The Purple Civic Hatchback Honda Promised Us Is Finally Here

First, the bad news up front: You cannot combine Smokey Mauve Pearl with the Civic’s available manual transmission. Partly, this is because the paint color is restricted to the Civic EX-L and Sport Touring hatchbacks, and the EX-L only comes with the continuously variable automatic transmission. The Sport Touring is offered with the stick shift, but, again, for reasons unclear Honda is sticking with a limited trio of grayscale colors for manual-transmission Sport Tourings.

Everything else is good news. The purple paint hue is a $395 option on both the EX-L and Sport Touring, requiring the same upcharge as Sonic Gray, Platinum White, and Boost Blue. (No-cost paint options include Crystal Black, Lunar Silver, Meteorite Gray, and Rallye Red.) Not only are purples relatively rare these days—they were prevalent in the 1990s—but this one looks quite good on the Civic hatchback, particularly matched with the Sport Touring’s machined-face 18-inch wheels.

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Now, here’s hoping Honda starts mixing and matching some of the new Civic’s more exclusive paint colors between models. This purple (and Boost Blue) would look great on the Civic Si sedan, and the Civic Si sedan’s Blazing Orange would look good on the Civic hatchback. The arresting pale-blue Morning Mist Metallic available on nicer Civic sedans would be a good add all around, too. Maybe we’ll see some more color varieties appear when the new Civic Type R hot hatch appears sometime this year.

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