2023 Volkswagen ID Pricing

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2023 Volkswagen ID4 Is Moderately Priced

Unfortunately, this is not a bad day. The fact that the 2023 Volkswagen ID Pricing of its compact electric SUV which is available in the United States absolutely makes it a good day. In fact, it’s quite remarkable that a manufacturer would do this for our country and for American consumers.

This car is impressive because it promises to achieve many things that electric vehicles haven’t been able to accomplish. The 2023 Volkswagen ID4 will be the first from Volkswagen (and only from them) with an automated parking system in American cities where there are thousands of EV chargers available at all times of the day, from nightfall through early morning hours .

2023 Volkswagen ID Pricing
2023 Volkswagen ID Pricing

Volkswagen today announced that it is expanding the production of its popular electric SUV, the Volkswagen ID4. The new vehicle will be built here in the USA at a new facility in Chattanooga, Tennessee after receiving approval from the EPA and DOE. It will be made with a new entry-level battery pack and priced below $40,000 with driving range exceeding 200 miles.

However, this is only one aspect of the story, as it is also coming in with a new entry-level battery pack. In addition to this, it has several new standard features, revised exterior colors and trim, and a completely redesigned inside.

Made in the USA Four Brand New Trims

There are now a couple other grades available in addition to the ID4 Pro and Pro S in rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive. To start, there is the ID4 Standard, which comes standard with a smaller 62 kWh battery (and yes, that is the trim name). This is the new ID4 trim level that sits below the new S trim, which also receives the same 62 kWh battery as the previous trim level.

There is also a new trim level called the Pro S Plus that sits above the Pro S and replaces the Gradient package that was available in 2022. This new trim level comes with a variety of features that are exclusive to it. Along with the increased 170 kW DC Fast Charge rate, the larger 82 kWh battery pack will also be standard on all Pro versions. At the time this article was written, Volkswagen had not disclosed the rate at which the 62 kWh battery pack will be charged using the DC Fast Charge feature. You can read also other contents on electric Vehicle.

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Although prices have increased, you now receive a greater value for your ID4 card.

Although the new Standard is less expensive than the $42,525 Pro that was the least Volkswagen ID Pricing of the model last year, there have been some price hikes made to the carryover trims (Pro included). The price of the 2023 ID4 RWD Pro is $1,365 higher than the Volkswagen ID Pricing for the 2022 model, while the Volkswagen ID Pricing of the 2023 ID4 AWD Pro is $1,485 higher, the Volkswagen ID Pricing of the 2023 ID4 RWD Pro S is $1,865 higher, and the Volkswagen ID Pricing of the 2023 ID4 AWD Pro S is $1,985 higher.

(These Volkswagen ID Pricing increase takes into account the higher destination charge of $100 as well.) These additional dollar signs are, at least somewhat, countered by the introduction of various new features and technological advancements. Plug&Charge, a bi-directional J1772 CCS connector that can power other electric vehicles in addition to charging the ID4 electric vehicle, is now the norm across the board.

All ID4 trims come standard with features such as dashboard stitching, leatherette steering wheels and seat features, heated seats, forward collision warning with emergency braking that detects pedestrians and cyclists, active blind spot assist, high beam light assist, parking assist with memory parking and distance assist, LED lighting with auto headlights that come with rain sensing wipers, and IQ.

A mode of transportation that recognizes traffic signs, helps drivers stay in their lanes, and is equipped with Emergency Assist 3.0. The ID4 also comes standard with Travel Assist 2.0, which provides advanced driver assistance features such as stop-and-go cruise control and driver-initiated lane change functionality. This feature is included on all trims. In addition to everything else, owners will be entitled to free 30-minute DC fast charging sessions at Electrify America stations for a period of three years.

What Is the Difference Between Each ID4 Trim?

Although the Standard and Pro trims are not as well equipped as the S trims in terms of amenities and wheel size (19 inches), the Standard and Pro do have their own distinctive interior color schemes, as well as heated seats upholstered in melange fabric or leatherette.

Stone (gray with black accents) and Nutmeg are the two different interior treatments available (brown hues). There is only a 60/40 split configuration available for the back seats; no other features are available. When you get the Pro model, you have the choice of all-wheel drive, which gives you a towing capacity of 2,700 pounds and a front windshield that is heated. As was indicated before, the 82 kWh battery pack can only be obtained through the purchase of one of the Pro variants.

When you upgrade to the S trim level, the seat inserts on the front seats are made of leatherette rather than cloth. In addition, the inserts have a design that is perforated into the material and are powered in 12 different ways with a memory function.

Galaxy is one of the color options for the inside, which features black leatherette inserts with platinum gray bolsters, door inserts, and dash. Additionally, the steering wheel is heated and upholstered in black leatherette, and the display is black. The dashboard, door inserts, and heated steering wheel are all upholstered in white leatherette, and the display is white as well. The Cosmic trim has gray leatherette inserts with blue bolsters.

Additionally, rather than the multi-color ambient lighting system, you will have access to a 30 color ambient lighting system. S grades come standard with a folding center armrest that has cupholders and a 60/40 split seat that folds down and has a pass-through in the middle.

A panoramic roof that has an electronic sunshade is also provided for you and the other passengers in the vehicle. LED lights are used on the S Trims, and these lights feature VW’s AFS adaptive front lights as well as lit “VW” emblems and grille accents on the front and back of the vehicle. The non-Pro S trim is only available with the 62 kWh battery pack and RWD, although it shares the 20-inch wheels that come standard on the Pro version.

Do you want an ID4 that has the most features?

Take a look at the Pro S Plus, which is available in either RWD or AWD. You not only receive the amenities that come with the S and Pro trims, but you also get a special set of 20-inch wheels, a three-zone temperature control that includes settings for the rear passengers, and a digital sound package that comes with a subwoofer. Additionally, the passthrough seats that are 60/40 are heated (outboard positions only).

This is the only trim level that comes with a surround view camera in addition to the basic rearview camera. The front and rear bumpers now include silver accents instead of gloss black trim, and the mirrors feature accent lighting in addition to power folding and heated functionality.

How Much is a 2023 Volkswagen ID4?

Even while Volkswagen ID Pricing hikes from one year to the next for carryover ID4 versions are to be anticipated, the pricing of the 2023 ID4 is still quite inexpensive in comparison to new crossovers and other EVs of its size. The ID4 Standard will cost you $38,790 (again, thousands less than last year’s cheapest ID4, even though it has a smaller battery), while upgrading to the ID4 S would set you back $43,790 more than the ID4 Standard. The ID4 Pro with rear-wheel drive costs $43,790, while the version with all-wheel drive costs $47,590. The Pro S with rear-wheel drive costs $48,790, while the all-wheel drive model costs $52,490.


What is ID in Volkswagen?

The business organization has a reasonable response. According to what they have stated, “the ID abbreviation stands for intelligent design, identity, and visionary technologies.” The designation “ID” will be applied from this point forward to each and every battery-free automobile that Volkswagen produces and markets.

What is the range of the VW ID?

The ID. 4 has a range that is predicted to be anywhere from 208 miles for the Standard and S models up to 275 miles for RWD Pro models and 255 miles for AWD vehicles, according to the EPA. Even while the new Standard trim has a lower beginning price than the model it replaces, the Pro and Pro S models have all seen Volkswagen ID Pricing increase ranging from $1,265 (Pro) to $1,885 (Pro S) (Pro S AWD).

Is the ID 4 fully electric?

The Volkswagen ID. 4 is a fully electric compact SUV that came on sale in 2022. It will have seating for five passengers. The ID 4 is offered in two different trim levels, the Pro and the Pro S.

How do I charge my VW ID 4 at home?

You can use a Type 2 connector to power up your Volkswagen ID. 4 whether you’re at home, in the office, or at a public charging station. In addition to that, there includes a CCS port for quick charging.

How long does it take to charge an id4 at home?

At home, you can charge your battery to last for an EPA-estimated 23 to 34 miles in about an hour.

What chargers can id4 use?

Because the Volkswagen ID. 4 is equipped with a powerful 11 kW onboard converter, it can be fully recharged using a Level 2 charger with 50 amps in approximately seven and a half hours. Level 2 chargers that are more common will take longer to fully recharge the Volkswagen ID. 4.


In conclusion the ID4 Pro S Plus is the most expensive model available, and it costs $51,490 with rear-wheel drive and $55,290 with all-wheel drive. Also, keep in mind that the ID4 is still eligible for the federal EV tax credit in the amount of $7,500, in addition to any local EV incentives that a fully electric battery-powered vehicle might be eligible for. For the purpose of making comparisons, we have included below the price, range, and battery size associated with each 2023 ID4 trim level, you can pre-order one here at https://www.vw.com/en/builder.html/__app/id-4.app

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