2023 GMC Canyon AT4X is Bigger, Faster, and More Expensive.

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The Denali is not extinct, but the model that sits atop the GMC Canyon lineup will eventually transition into one that is more off-road oriented.

The 2023 GMC Canyon made its introduction on Thursday with a standard factory raise, a high-output engine, and a simpler trim choice that places a significant emphasis on the vehicle’s ability to perform well off-road.

When manufacturing of the 2023 Canyon begins in Wentzville, Missouri, early in the following year, the vehicle will be offered in Elevation, AT4, Denali, and AT4X trim levels. The Canyon will be available sooner in 2019, but the AT4X won’t be available until later in the spring. The long-bed and extended-cab models of the Canyon will be discontinued in 2023, resulting in the complete elimination of this model from the lineup. RIP.

The new Canyon will have a basic price of approximately $40,000, which is approximately $10,000 higher than the truck that is now available. The price tag for a limited-edition AT4X Edition 1 is set at $63,350, and GMC representatives would only say that an extremely limited number of Edition 1 vehicles will be produced.

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High productivity for everyone in the AT4X

A 2.7-liter turbo-4 engine that produces 310 horsepower and 430 pound-feet of torque will be standard equipment for every 2023 Canyon. It is the same high-output engine that may be featured in the Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 from 2023. Every model will come equipped with a new 8-speed automatic transmission, and while the base Elevation vehicles will have rear-wheel drive, every other model will feature four-wheel drive as standard. The rear differential of the AT4 model will have limited slip, while the front and rear differentials of the AT4X model will have lockers, similar to those seen on the Sierra 1500 AT4X.

Because of the redesigned chassis, which brings the front axle forward by 2.9 inches and extends the wheelbase by 3.1 inches, the Canyon’s engine compartment has become significantly more spacious.

All Canyons will be equipped with Normal, Tow/Haul, Off-Road, and Terrain drive modes, with the latter setting allowing for one-pedal driving for rock crawling, exactly like the larger GMC Sierra 1500 series does. The AT4X will soon receive a fifth mode that will be known as Baja. This mode is intended for driving at high speeds off-road.

The rear-wheel-drive Elevation will have a maximum towing capacity of 1,640 pounds, although this capacity will decrease when additional accessories (and hence weight) are added to the truck. The payload rating of the AT4X is reduced to 1,250 pounds. Except for the AT4X, which is rated to pull only 6,000 pounds, all Canyons will have a maximum towing capacity of 7,700 pounds.

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Taking the long and winding route

Every 2023 Canyon will come standard with a lift that is sourced directly from the Chevrolet Colorado’s component inventory. The Elevation, AT4, and Denali will all receive a factory lift of 2.0 inches from the Colorado Trail Boss. In contrast, the AT4X will receive a lift of 3.0 inches and shocks manufactured by Multimatic DSSV.

The AT4X is the only Canyon model available with rear outboard shock mounts, which are also found on the Colorado ZR2 and contribute to the vehicle’s greater stability when traveling at high speeds off-road. According to Canyon Chief Engineer Nick Katcherian, wheel travel is increased by around 15% compared to the present Canyon, and the AT4X doubles that increase to almost 30%.

When compared to the present Canyon, the overall width is increased by 10 inches. The wide-track stance is achieved through the use of control arms that have been strengthened (cast iron on the AT4X) and customized knuckles taken from the Colorado Trail Boss and ZR2. The AT4X will come equipped with three skid plates that will cover the entire vehicle, beginning at the front bumper and extending all the way back to the transmission and transfer case.

2023 GMC Canyon AT4X

The ground clearance of the base Canyon will be 9.6 inches, which is about two inches more than the ground clearance of the base Colorado and over a half inch more than the ground clearance of the Z71 Colorado. The AT4X will sit 10.7 inches above the ground. If you have access to an underbody camera, you will be able to see how near off-road obstacles reach to the vulnerable parts of the vehicle.

From the factory, the Elevation will roll on tires measuring 32 inches, while the AT4X will roll on Mud Terrain tires measuring 33 inches. The high-end Denali will have wheels that are 20 inches in diameter, but it will still have all-terrain tires. Katcherian informed MA that while 33s fit the AT4X without any issues, 35s will cause rubbing. Put those hopes of overlanding on huge tires in perspective.

Because it shares the same bolt pattern as the Sierra 1500, the 2023 Canyon will provide a wide variety of choices for accessory wheels.

2023 GMC Canyon AT4X

Putting a strong emphasis on features

In contrast to the Chevrolet Colorado, every single 2023 Canyon will come equipped with full LED lighting. The truck has a more blunt appearance, with an upright front end and a huge square grille among its distinguishing features.

According to Rob Hunwick, Manager of Exterior Design for GMC, the design of the Canyon is utilitarian, and each trim level has holes in the front bumper to allow for more tire travel and to avoid friction. For the AT4X, the standard approach angle of 33.3 degrees will be increased to 36.9 degrees.

According to Hunwick, the hood does not have any sort of hood scoop (like the ones found on the Colorado ZR2 and the Silverado ZR2) for the purpose of providing better visibility while off-roading.

According to GM, the sunroof will be a first for a truck in this class and will be available on the 2023 Canyon. This is a noteworthy feature.

The new bed of the Canyon comes standard with eight tie-downs, and customers will have the option to purchase nine more of them. In order to partition the bed and ensure that the cargo is kept safe, the design incorporates four stake pockets, in addition to six bed pockets measuring 2 by 6 inches and four bed pockets measuring 2 by 8 inches. https://quickautobrain.com/ram-promaster-3500/


A water-tight storage cubby built into the tailgate is optional on the Elevation but standard on all other models. The tailgate can now be positioned halfway up to help balance longer loads of up to 500 lb with the other end on top of the wheel wells.

On the inside, the Elevation and AT4 models come standard with a digital gauge cluster measuring 8.0 inches, while the Denali and AT4X models have an upgrade to an 11.0-inch cluster. Every Canyon comes standard with an infotainment system boasting an 11.3-inch touchscreen, wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility.

The radio and climate control functions can be easily controlled by redundant hard buttons, toggles, and knobs; however, all headlight controls have been relegated to the touchscreen interface and will require at least one tap, if not more than one tap, to access. This makes controlling these functions more difficult. The more expensive Denali and AT4X variants come equipped with a head-up display measuring 6.3 inches.

At launch, there will be only one interior color scheme available for each trim to choose from. The Elevation will have an interior that is all black, whilst the AT4 and Denali will have some brown accents baked in. The interior of the AT4X features touches of red and white, including white on the grab handles of the doors. Should owners so wish, dealers will be able to replace out the AT4X’s six white trim parts with black versions at a price that has not yet been determined by the Design Manager of GMC Interiors, Brian Izard. The toggles on the AT4X will have a red accent color, while the trim on the Denali will have a laser-etched open-pore walnut pattern. https://thecaravan.net

Security is included as a default.

Every single Canyon produced in 2023 will include as standard equipment active lane control, automatic high beams, and automatic emergency braking equipped with pedestrian recognition. The vehicle will be able to be equipped with blind-spot monitors, rear cross-traffic brakes, adaptive cruise control, and a surround-view camera system. Notably, the hands-free driving assistance system known as Level 2 Super Cruise from GM will not be available as an option.

2023 GMC Canyon AT4X

Version 1 of the AT4X

The AT4X Edition 1 adds a few extra features on top of the standard AT4X, such as front- and rear-facing cameras that are equipped with the ability to clean themselves. Along with an integrated 30-inch Lumen LED light bar, a steel off-road bumper with a safari bar will be installed as standard equipment. This bumper will also be made available as an accessory. The front bumper will be outfitted with a Comeup winch that has a weight rating of 9,500 pounds, a synthetic line, a bluetooth remote controller, and an integrated controller.

Along with a model-specific front skid plate, a bed rail system that can be reconfigured and wheels that can accommodate beadlocks measuring 17 inches will come factory equipped on the vehicle. Both of these features will be made available as optional extras at a later date.
Due to the weight and design of the additional equipment, the AT4X Edition 1 is one of the Canyons that has the least amount of capability.

The payload rating is the lowest at only 1,010 pounds, the tow rating is the lowest at only 5,500 pounds, the curb weight is the greatest at 5,210 pounds, and the approach angle is substantially lower at 32.8 degrees. The capability will need to be spent on that wonderful gear.

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