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Among the most dangerous conditions to drive in, fog ranks high on the list. In fog, you’re forced to slow down till you’re almost crawling. Driving in fog affects everyone driving in it. This is why it’s extremely important to ensure your fog lights are working.

What is a Fog Light Symbol?

The dashboard in your car may seem too complicated to operate. Even the owners manual says some dashboards are too difficult to figure out, so you’d probably be better off talking about it with a mechanic. The dashboard is home to all notifications in your car, which does not exempt the fog light symbol. When your fog lights are switched on, a symbol that looks like “fog” will light up your dashboard and remind you that the fog light is on. That is the fog light symbol.

The fog light symbol comes in two colors:

  1. Green: When the fog light symbol has green lines around the beam, the front fog lights are on.
  2. Amber: The rear fog light is indicated with an amber color.

When Should Fog Lights be Used?

To know when you should be switching on your fog lights, or to see when you’re supposed to use them for optimum effectiveness, let’s have a quick understanding of what fog lights are. Fog lights actually serve the purpose of improving visibility in harsh conditions like dense fog, dense mist or heavy rain. If you don’t know already, there is a beam pattern that car headlights have. They usually have an inverted conical pattern (otherwise known as a narrow beam spread) which means that the light is projected in a concentrated area only and not dispersed in all directions but in a single direction. Now as the name depicts, the fog light has been fitted in your car to be used in fog or in heavy mist situations that drastically impede visibility. Ideally, fog lights should be used when visibility drops below 100m, basically the average football pitch length.

When this happens, you need to do two things:

  1. Drive slowly enough to be able to react to any hazardous situation quickly.
  2. Turn on your fog lights. Turning your fog light on in this situation is extremely important as it doesn’t only help you, but other motorists on the road. While it gives your visibility a push, it also serves as a beacon to other motorists driving in the fog.

NB: If you’re involved in an accident while driving in a fog, the insurance claim can be invalid if your fog light is turned off.

Fog lights are very bright and should not be used in other conditions except in fog or misty situations. In some states, it is illegal to use your fog lights in any other condition than the required.

Fog light symbol fog light stick

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How Do You Turn on the Fog Light?

Cars are built differently; as such, different cars have their fog lights in different places. If you’re unsure where your car’s fog light is, do a quick check online or read the owner’s manual.

Generally, fog lights are turned on the same way you turn on regular headlights. You start by switching your headlight and then locate the fog light symbol, which is usually on the indicator stalk with other light functions.

You may be required to rotate the stalk to the end or switch it right or left.

If you’re unable to find the fog light symbol on the stalk, then it may simply be a button on your dashboard. 

How do Fog Lights Work?

Fog lights operate differently than regular high beams or headlights. Fog lights are built differently as most of them hover above the ground and have sharp cutoff angles at the top of the light to ensure it doesn’t reflect the fog.

The ability for fog lights to not reflect off the fog is what makes it unique. They’re specifically designed to achieve this result and illuminate the road and create safer conditions for you to drive in.

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Features to Watch Out for When Purchasing Fog Lights

 Cars usually come fitted with fog lights, so there’s usually no need for you to worry about them. When it comes to driving in conditions of fog, you will do anything to stay safe and see far ahead. This is where fog lights come in handy. Although some cars come with them from the factory, you might have to get your own or upgrade to a pair that’s more stylish or have a better beam pattern but if they do go bad, or you’re looking for something more stylish.  Here are some things you should look for when buying a pair of high-quality fog lights.

Bear in mind the major determining factor when choosing a fog light is your car’s make and model. So, if you’re unsure, please seek professional advice.

  1. Installation Process

When you are buying your fog lights, it is important to ensure that they will be easy to install. Be sure that they fit securely and do not have any manufacturing flaws. One way to check this out would be to read the install manual and installation instructions that come with the light kit. Many people make the mistake of purchasing fog lights that are very expensive but they are difficult to install. Only buy a fog light if it will be easy to install in your car and comes with clear instructions on how to do it. Also check your car’s manual it should also have instructions on how to do this especially the wiring connection.

Lighting systems vary from one another when it comes to socket types and plugs. So, it would be best to make sure the bulb you choose fits your car’s model to aid easy installation.

When considering the installation process, it’s also important to get lights that fit. They come in all various shapes and sizes, so make sure to get one that’s compatible with your car.

  1. Color temperature profile

This refers to the light hue or tint that is produced when your fog lights are turned on. Color temperatures are generally measured in Kelvins.

Lower values around 3000 kelvins are referred to as warm lights, and they’re more amber or yellow.

Higher values around 6000 kelvins and above are blue and are referred to as cool lights. Fog lights are generally between 5000-6000 kelvins.

NB: If you’re using fog lights with blue colors, it’s important to note that they cause eye strain after some time. If this is going to be a problem for you, you may want to go with yellow or amber fog lights.

  1. Fog light brightness

The brightness of fog lights is one of the most important features to consider when choosing fog lights. And they’re usually measured in lumens. They indicate the intensity of your fog light’s brightness. So, the higher the lumen value of your fog light, the brighter they’ll be.

Most fog lights are over 1000 lumens, while brighter ones are over 3000 lumens and higher. The average lumen for them usually ranges between 1500 -2000 lumens. If you want brighter bulbs, you’re going to need lights above 2000 lumens.

NB: The higher the lumens, the more expensive they are. 

The beam distance should also be considered. Your light should reach a good distance with a focused ray of light. They should have a short vertical range and a wide horizontal range.


Vehicle fog lights are a non-negotiable commodity, especially if you live in foggy, snowy places and have rain periods– which is everywhere. Making sure you know everything about fog lights goes an extra mile to keep you safer.

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