2023 Genesis Electrified GV70

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In just seven years, the automotive industry was hemming and hawing about Genesis’ all-sedan lineup. The Korean luxury brand now offers six vehicles, and the critics go crazy whenever they see one. In addition to this impressive start, Genesis is launching its third electric vehicle; based on the popular and impressive GV70.

As the Genesis electrified GV70, it combines the powertrain elements of the electric-only GV60 with the styling and packaging elements of the gas-powered GV70, and this combination proves to be a great success.

While Genesis puts its third EV on the road, I have to point out that Lexus, Acura and Infiniti only offer one electric vehicle, the fairly average Lexus RZ450e. The electrified luxury totem pole is dominated by Genesis, which leads the pack.

Genesis’ Power Playbook

With a total output of 429 hp and 516 lb-ft of torque, the electrified GV70 features two 160 kW motors. Although the electric GV70 offers 383 km of range on a full battery, that setup reminds me of the GV60. For comparison, the electrified G80 offers a greater range but less power than the GV60 Advanced. The GV60 Advanced offers 399 km while the GV60 Performance offers 378 km.

The Genesis electrified GV70 also packs an impressive electrical infrastructure that allows the vehicle to recharge from 10 to 80 per cent in just 18 minutes, in ideal conditions. The automaker boasts 100 km of range in just five minutes, which is a game-changer in the world of EVs. There is an asterisk when it comes to charging the GV70, as the port is hidden in the faux front grille; you may also need to consider the location of the home charger in your garage.

Genesis Gv 70

Smooth and quiet, but heavier

This 77.4 kWh made-in-Korea battery requires some special provisions since it balloons the curb weight of the EV to over 5,000 pounds, requiring adjustments to the suspension and chassis, including the use of carbon fibre.

If you thought this would leave the GV70 feeling crashy and stiff like the GV60 Performance, you’d be wrong. The electrically controlled suspension system has a road preview system that can sense the road surface and adjust the damping to improve the ride. We drove the new electric crossover around the Atlanta area for over 240 km, and the ride was one of the highlights.

Its powertrain is delightfully smooth and powerful, allowing it to move at highway speeds in no time. Like the GV60, the electric GV70 is equipped with a Boost button, which boosts the combined power output to 483 hp for 10 seconds. While the car doesn’t need an extra jolt to pass, it is a thrilling ride that will impress passengers — as long as you warn them in advance.

With its active noise cancellation and electric motors’ inherent silence, the GV70 is incredibly quiet and luxurious to drive. It also has several regenerative brake settings and a one-pedal drive mode. The electrified GV70 seemed just as buttoned down and confident as the gas version when braking.

The cabin seems identical to the top trim GV70, so you’ll find plenty of high-quality accents and attention to detail. The infotainment system is easy to navigate and sort out, and there’s a fancy digital gauge cluster with a cool 3D effect. The vehicle also leaves no driver assistance or safety feature behind, even including a highway driving assist that can automatically perform lane changes, not to mention it can detect other vehicles attempting to cut you off and react accordingly. The EV has a very small cargo space penalty, with 813 litres of space behind the rear seats and 1,601 behind the front seats, which is a reduction of six and nine litres compared to the gas model.

All in one place

The electrified GV70 builds upon the already excellent petrol-powered version, but that comes at a price. There are no nasty surprises when you check out with the $84,000 asking price, but that is a $26,000 increase over the start price of gas-only models.

However, the Genesis experience extends beyond just the car. You can order vehicles online and conduct the entire purchase from the comfort of your homes. Genesis also includes a five-year/100,000 km of complementary scheduled service, not that you’ll need much with an EV. The automaker even has a valet service for maintenance, meaning your car gets picked up from your driveway and swapped with a courtesy car while it’s off getting work done.

It also comes with allotment, another clever move from Hyundai. Canadian models will still come from Korea, while American-bound electrified GV70s will be made at Hyundai’s Montgomery, Alabama plant. As a result, Canadian buyers shouldn’t have to wait too long for their orders.

In the tightly contested luxury automaker field, Genesis has consistently proven itself, and every vehicle we drive boasts critical acclaim. The electrified GV70 proves the brand’s efforts aren’t exclusive to its gas products, and its electric vehicles deserve just as much attention as the rest of its portfolio.

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