Tesla Drops Ultrasonic Sensors, Grabs Tesla Vision

Following Tesla’s decision in 2021Full Self-Driving, which will be required to rely solely on Tesla Vision to remove radar sensors from its electronic driver-assistance features, the company is currently working on removing ultrasonic sensors as well. It indicates that Tesla’s driver-assistance functions, such as Autopilot and Sentry, the camera-based sensing system that was created in-house […]

Tesla’s Autopilot system cost them $100,000 after customer sued for malfunction.

Tesla Forced to Pay Customer $100,000 for Malfunctioning Autopilot The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the National Transportation Safety Board are currently looking into a number of accidents involving Tesla vehicles, some of which resulted in fatalities, to determine whether or not the Tesla’s Autopilot driver assistance system manufactured by Tesla had anything to […]