Sherp Price: Everything You Need to Know About the All-terrain Vehicle in 2022

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When it comes to all-terrain vehicles ATV, most vehicles that bear the tag aren’t all-terrain. At best, they’re “most terrain” or “some terrain”. This cannot be said for the Sherp. Sherp is one of the few all-terrain vehicles that are worthy of the tag “all-terrain”.

In this article, we’re going to discuss the Sherp price and everything you need to know about it.

To say the Sherp is a niche vehicle would be an understatement. The Sherp is uniquely designed to survive, thrive and conquer all terrains, ranging from urban and suburban to outdoor and wilderness. It’s this reality that makes the Sherp so intriguing for both consumers looking for a utility vehicle that can effortlessly handle any terrain or riding style, and manufacturers who want to design and craft one of the best all-terrain vehicles in the industry.

For those familiar with 4×4 vehicles, you’d have noticed that their tags don’t usually say “all-terrain”. The words “off-road”, “off-roader”, or “four-by-four” are more common (something along the lines of quadrunner or ATV). This is because there is a distinct difference between 4×4 and all-terrain vehicles. A 4×4 vehicle isn’t designed to ride across different terrain types.

If you see a Lamborghini driving in an SUV park, you wouldn’t be surprised at all. These cars – Lamborghini and some other supercars – can drive through mud, sand, snow, and many more terrains which an SUV could only dream of traversing. There are also some cars (mainly SUVs) that can do this as well, but without the same finesse or speed as a supercar. This is where all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) come in. But what are the ATVs exactly?

How Much is a Sherp ATV?

The price of a Sherp ATV can range from $100,000 to $125,000. And for the Sherp ARK, the most expensive option comes at $350,000.

When discussing the price of the Sherp ATV, it is important to note that the prices are not fixed. This means depending on the accessories you purchase along with the Sherp, the price can go higher, this is especially true for the Sherp price of bigger models such as the Sherp ARK.

We’re going to go further by discussing the different models of the all-terrain vehicle and the Price of all of them.

2022 Price of a Sherp

  • Sherp Pro       $115,000
  • Sherp N          $126,000
  • Sherp Ark       $375,000
  • Sherp Trailer (pull behind) $8,000
  • Sherp Trailer (transport Sherp)  $8,000

Sherp ATV Models and how Much they cost

The Sherp all-terrain vehicle has four models: Sherp N, Sherp the Ark, Sherp PRO and Sherp the Shuttle. Our focus in this article is going to be the first three models of the Sherp.

That is because Sherp the shuttle is a boat that was designed to transport the Sherp ATVs.

Before delving deeper into all the Sherp models, it is important to note that the Sherp ATV is not a street-legal vehicle. This means to transport your Sherp vehicle, you’re going to need a good towing vehicle compact with all the towing gear that would be capable of handling the weight of the Sherp ATV.

Sherp Pro Price and Everything You Need to Know About it

sherp price
Source: Sherpglobal

When it comes to all models of the Sherp, the Sherp Pro is the cheapest model and it comes at $115,000. Do not be deceived by the price of this Sherp ATV, it has all of the off-road capability of all the more expensive Sherp models.

The Sherp Pro has a strong diesel engine that produces 44 horsepower. It is also equipped to be able to load up to 2204 pounds. It can carry up to six passengers. The Sherp Pro can hit a maximum speed of 25 mph on land and 3.7 mph over water.

The Sherp Pro is highly fuel-efficient, between .5 to.7 (2 to 3 liters) gallons per hour. Also, the Sherp pro has 115-hours of fuel autonomy, to carry extra fuel in addition to the main tank, the Sherp Pro has fuel stored in tanks enclosed by the wheels.

Regardless of the terrain, the Sherp Pro has proven to be capable of handling them all. The Pro can ascend and descend slopes angled at up to 35-degrees, and climb over heights up to 3 feet high.

In addition to this, the Sherp Pro has adjustable tire pressure. The Pro is equipped with a unique air-circulation system that uses the gas from the exhaust to both inflate or deflate the tires. The tires have a pneumatic circuit that enables the driver to adjust the tire pressure to match the load it’s carrying or the terrain it is overcoming.

sherp price
Source: Sherpglobal

The Sherp Pro also has an eco-friendly engine that produces low noise and vibrations. The Sherp is an all-terrain vehicle, this means there’s nothing to worry about with the engine either in the hot deserts or cold glaciers.

The Sherp Pro Interior

Comfortable Seats

High driver seat visibility

Wide and unobstructed windshields

Ergonomic switches and control knobs

The Sherp Pro Exterior

The Sherp Pro has a galvanized body frame that extends its lifetime and makes it corrosion resistant.

The Sherp Pro is made from aluminium, this lowers its center of gravity and total weight.

Sherp N Price and Everything You Need to Know About it

Sherp N price
Source: Sherpglobal

The Sherp N Price comes in at $126,000. This is more expensive than the Sherp Pro and for good reason. The Sherp N packs more engine power of 55 horsepower compared to the Pro’s 44 horsepower.

The Sherp N has a 2645 lbs load capacity and can carry up to 9 passengers, with 30% more cargo space compared to the Sherp Pro.

The Sherp N has ultra-low-pressure tires that are less liable to go bad due to their elasticity. The Sherp N also has an eco-circuit unit that makes it possible for you to pump and deflate the tires using the exhaust gasses.

The Sherp N also has a low rollover risk as the center of gravity is at the bottom. The unique compressor-less inflation ensures that Sherp N can handle all terrains with ease.

When it comes to suspension designs, the Sherp N does not include shock absorbers, struts or springs. This results in higher reliability, fewer parts, fewer breakdowns and a ridiculously low repair cost.

The Sherp N also boasts of incredible maneuverability that is needed to handle all terrains.

Internal turning radius of 2.5 m

External turning radius of 8.0 m

Sherp ARK Price and Everything You Need to Know About it

Source: Sherpglobal

The price of the Sherp ARK comes at $375,000 and this makes it the most expensive Sherp of all the models.

The Sherp ARK has a loading capacity of 7500 pounds and a 74-horsepower engine that can perform many near impossible functions. The Sherp ark can transport bulky cargo and can carry up to 22 passengers.

The rear of the Sherp ARK can serve many purposes, such as a kitchen, storage space and can even be used as a medical space for response to natural disasters.

The ARK’s name is befitting for its exploration capabilities that surpass all other Sherp Models. The Sherp Ark can go up and down steep slopes up to 40 degrees and can climb obstacles of up to 5 feet (1.5 meters) tall.

All these functionalities of the ARK make its fuel consumption higher than all the other models. The Sherp ARK uses 2 to 3 gallons (8 to 12 liters) per hour.


When it comes to all-terrain vehicles, Sherp ATV surpasses all expectations. While the Sherp price can be expensive, they’re considerably well priced for all the unique ATV features that are present in the ATV.

The Sherp ATV can be the perfect purchase for individuals who are looking to purchase their first ATV, or upgrade their existing ATV. The Sherp price is reasonable when you consider all of the unique features that it possesses. Like anything else, there is a wide scale of prices that vary based on a number of different factors. This makes the Sherp ATV a very affordable option.

Sherp ATV has certain advantages over other ATVs. Sherp ATV is the first double-decker all-terrain vehicle that is comfortable and that can be driven with ease even by people who are new to the vehicle. Additionally, this vehicle comes with a built-in lift kit for excellent performance on hillsides, drilling sites, or other terrains. There are no other extra purchases needed to enjoy these features.

When it comes to many of the ATVs on the market, they have a lot of similar properties, but when these major manufacturers are selling such similar models, there is a niche market that will be left open. Because of how lifelike the Sherp performs, Sherp ATV will become the new standard for all outdoor drivers.

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