RV Furniture and the Best Places to Get Them

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People are driven by convenience and comfort. This explains the reason behind Recreational Vehicles (RV) becoming a favorite for families. An RV is a multifunctional vehicle that doubles as a makeshift trailer, even to the extent of fitting RV furniture.

Families can decide to go all out on RV furniture and hit the road with their RV serving as a house. As said at the beginning of this article, comfort is a key factor when people make decisions. And choosing an RV is a statement of both comfort and class.

What’s classier than a spacious vehicle with furniture in it?

Recreational vehicles have become family vehicles and without the right furniture, the tag of being a family vehicle becomes unsubstantiated.

In this article, we’re going to discuss everything that has to do with RV furniture and the best places to get your furniture from. This article is a complete guide on all things furniture. This means regardless of your RV type, the build or model, etc. are all covered.

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What is an RV?

A recreational vehicle is that doubles as living quarters, like a trailer. Like a house on wheels, RVs are equipped with everything you’d need in a house, such as a kitchen, restrooms, etc.

There are 3 types of RVs:

  1. Class A Motorhomes: Whenever an RV is referred to as a classy home, they’re talking about the Class A Motorhomes. The Class A Motorhomes are built on a chassis and they provide an absolute home feel.

    They are notoriously large and comfortable. Some have bedrooms, bathrooms, larger kitchens and floor plans, etc. For people who want to enjoy the benefits of a home in an RV with all the right furniture, Class A Motorhomes is the definite option.
  1. Class B Motorhomes: The Class B Motorhomes are called camper vans as they look similar to regular vans, and they’re not as big as the regular Class A Motorhomes.

    They provide everything the Class A Motorhomes provide even up to the furniture, but it’s all smaller, smaller kitchens, bedrooms, etc.

    The advantage of Class B Motorhomes is that they’re specifically built to serve the purpose of trailers, hence, they have better gas mileage and are sturdier and will almost always outlive the Class A Motorhomes.
  1. Class C Motorhomes: Class C Motorhomes are built with the comfort of Class A and the strength of Class B but they have fewer rooms and lesser space compared to Class A. The overall size of the Class C van is medium.

    Class C Motorhomes are built on truck chassis and are generally 20-40 feet long. If you want a comfortable RV but with smaller spaces, Class C is the best fit.
rv furniture

There are other types of RV that aren’t classed but are still worthy of mention.

  1. Truck Campers: These types of RVs are smaller than the Class A and generally stronger than the class B. If you’re going to be riding your RV into rough terrains regularly, the truck campers are built specifically with that in mind.
  2. Pop-up campers: These are the smallest RVs, compared to other RVs they take up smaller parking spaces and have smaller rooms, a kitchenette, and a combo of toilet and shower.
  3. Travel trailers: Travel trailers are some of the most popular RVs mainly for their price and the fact that they’re extremely lightweight.
  4. Fifth wheelers and Toy haulers.

All of these RVs are great options depending on your intent. After all this is said and done, what makes an RV a real home is the type of RV furniture you have in place. There are several RV furniture brands to select from, but in that pack, there’s a few that stand heads and shoulders above all the other brands.

Best RV Furniture Brands to Buy From

What makes RV furniture stand out? How can a company claim they produce the best RV furniture? The answer is in the quality of the RV furniture. This covers the material used on the recliner chairs, how lightweight it is, how sturdy, etc.

In this section of the article, we’re going to list the top brands to buy your RV furniture from.

  1. Flex Steel: Flex steel is a brand that caters specifically for RV furniture. They make RV furniture ranging from relining chairs, captain chairs, dinner seats, etc. Flex steel has been in the RV business for over 100 years, this makes them the first choice when it comes to RV furniture.
  2. Villa international: When it comes to delivering custom made RV furniture, Villa international is one of the few RVs that can boast of this. Villa international have over 50 years of experience delivering bespoke RV furniture to RV owners.
  3. Fjords of Norway: If you ever want to create unconventional RV furniture, Fjords of Norway are notorious for creating out-of-the-box designs that blend culture and creativity. With over 70  years of experience, Fjords of Norway is a favorite if you’re interested in furniture that looks nothing like you’ve ever seen before.
  4. Thomas Payne: Thomas Payne is known for bringing innovation and comfort to its designs. They make RV furniture that both checks the boxes of innovation and design.

Best RV Furniture Stores to Buy From

After discussing the best furniture brands to buy from, it’s time to discuss the best RV Furniture stores. While RV furniture brands are great options for buying your RV furniture, they can be quite expensive and may take longer.

If you need to buy furniture and have it delivered ASAP, here’s a list of the best retail shops to get your RV Furniture.

  1. Amazon: When it comes to RV furniture, Amazon has a variety of choices as they do a lot of other things. Some of the major brands listed above also have their furniture listed on Amazon. Amazon offers all types of RV furniture from sofas, tables, mattresses, etc. https://www.amazon.com/s?k=rv+furniture&crid=197RBY1BQNRQ4&sprefix=rv+fu%2Caps%2C893&ref=nb_sb_ss_ts-doa-p_1_5

  2. ETrailer: Etrailer is another great place to buy your furniture from. Not just RV Furniture, they sell all kinds of vehicle-related appliances such as towing devices, etc. https://www.etrailer.com/s.aspx?qry=rv+furniture
  3. Camping World https://www.campingworld.com/search?q=rv%20furnitures
  4. Bradd and Hall https://www.braddandhall.com/ProductCart/pc/home.asp


When deciding the kind of furniture to use in your RV, you must put a lot of things into consideration, majorly the size of your RV. It would be time and money consuming to buy furniture that does not fit in your RV.

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