Demon 170

2023 Dodge SRT Challenger Demon 170

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Dodge SRT Challenger with 1,025 hp

The latest Demon 170 is Dodge’s ‘Last Call’ special-edition model as the brand prepares to end output of the gasoline-powered Challenger and Charger.

Six of the Seven Last Call additions we were able to really do a deep dive into the black ghost, we spent some time with it and did some Smokey burnouts well guess what Dodge not resting on the Laurels they wants to go out in a very big way with this Challenger platform and they’re doing it with this team in 170 now you take it all the way back to 1970 the first year of the Challenger but you know what a lot of people thought in 2018 it could not get any crazier from the Mopar brand and guess what we are here to prove that things can definitely get crazier.

So what you’re going to find is similar to the demon were looking at a limited production run for the United States and 304 for Canada so if you do the math 3300 for North America I wanted to show you all the ins and outs of this demon 170 and of course give you the details and at the end of the day I want to find out is this the greatest production muscle car ever built.

Let’s go ahead let’s dive into this I’ll details about that now when you look at the car there’s some things that is going to be different from the demon and I’m very happy to say that it is different from the last demon.

Up front you’re going to find your narrow body so we don’t have those extra players that you would find on a healthcare demon from 2018 the reason why is and keeping the narrow body but we have some flare once we get to the end now when you come across the front you’re going to have that iconic look this design and this is going to be one of those vehicles at 10 years from now you’re going to look at and the design will be timeless.

Demon 170

In performance on the lower side of course everything’s going to be cold and we have a unique splitter more than 170 this thing like I said is all about the drag strip and it’s got a lot of nice touches that you’re just not going to find on the demon or anything other than this vehicle. 

We have to keep up what’s going on with the drivetrain and there’s a lot of hipping that they did with this even when 170 but definitely the wheel with the Mickey Thompson drag radials just looks absolutely phenomena as we come down the side we have our iconic bag that demon badge but this one has the 170 neck tattoo and I like the way it’s got the yellow eye the reason comes into the roof from the side of the vehicle you’re still getting that classic muscle car style but like I said narrow body up front but as we come towards the rear look at what we got we got those white fenders because on the rear we 17 by 11 315 massive rubber to help grip the road of course those carbon fiber Wheels to cut down weight the carbon fiber Wheels cut about 157 lb of weight at all four corners on this vehicle.

The final of the whole Edition just like the other last call editions what’s greatest and I’m going to have more kind of swinging and show you you do of course get the bad just like the all 2023 model year but this badge is only the beginning as you see we have some major muscle Improvement.

 The widening of the air intake tube are now massive it is that’s about a softball that you can fit in there that throttle body a little over 100 mm and then you have an upgraded three liter supercharger


 The horsepower I’m going to say that again its a muscle car 1,025 horsepower 945 is going to look at how much ethanol is in the fuel and then a coordinate how much power it is producing in yet so you have that of course bolted to a beefed up Torchlight automatic transmission some of the direct connection goodies that NHRA certified 8.91 seconds and a quarter mile that means it’s received a letter from the NHRA that is Banning it because of course of all the safety gearing needed and a parachute.


Of course for the interior we have a cup holder in the back portion of the door panel that’s for when you beat the competition and guess what you’re going to be meeting a lot of cars at the track with a sub nine second quarter mile cup holder and the Harman Kardon Sound system you do get the demon badge by the AC then what’s nice is that your VIN number the last four will be in this section right here remember this is a free production does not have it but yours will and if you are a demon owner so that they match that’s pretty cool that’s a nice touch now as you come inside of course you’re getting the premium level of the interior materials you still got the 8.4 in you connect four system but you know what we have to upgraded updated setup on the performance change how we can do our actual activate the launch control just like before but you have more options you go into your drag options is where you’re going to have that srtiller your shift

Harness bar and carbon fiber not plastic not cloth carbon fiber rear seat delete this thing like I said looks like it’s right out of a SRT drag car but why don’t you come over the business end I want to show you behind the wheel of this demo 17 I almost have my blocked in because I want to run this down the strip here at Logan Vegas


The original Demon had two different keys: a black one that limited power output and a red one that unlocked its potential. That changes with the Demon 170, which comes only with two red keys.

Dodge said the horsepower levels are determined by the percentage of ethanol in the fuel. When high ethanol fuel content of more than 65 per cent is detected, Dodge said a gas pump icon in the instrument cluster turns blue to inform drivers that the Demon’s maximum 1,025 hp output can be unleashed.

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