Top Speed Honda Recon 250 Review, Spec & Price

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Top Speed Honda Recon 250 – There’s nothing like the the sensation of driving your Honda Recon through difficult terrain, thick mud, rough trails, and rocky pathways while taking in the clean, crisp air as you do so. When you’re behind the wheel of a Honda Recon 250, you’ll be capable of driving at speeds that exceeded your previous expectations. You might be curious about the maximum speed you can achieve.

What is the top speed honda recon 250?

The Honda Recon 250 has a maximum speed of 45 miles per hour. This rough and tough machine will get you where you need to go, and it is a dependable vehicle for anyone who enjoys venturing out into the great outdoors.

Top Speed Honda Recon 250 Review, Spec & Price

Although the top speed of honda recon 250 is 45 miles per hour, some people have reported speeds that are somewhat higher, such as 46, 47, and even 50 miles per hour. Your Honda Recon should have a smooth ride if you keep up with its maintenance, and it should be able to go faster than 45 miles per hour.

How can I make my Honda Recon 250 faster?

Simply increasing the size of your main jet by one size, adding a K&N air filter, installing taller, skinnier, and lighter tires, and giving it a higher starting speed than it currently has will cause it to accelerate more quickly and give it a higher top speed than it currently has.

How much horsepower does a Honda Recon 250 have?

2017 Recon 250 HP – 15.6 at 6,500 RPM
2017 Recon 250 TQ – 13.7 lb / ft at 5,000 RPM
2017 Recon 250 Horsepower-to-Weight Ratio – (15.6 HP / 434 lb) = .036 horsepower per pound
2017 Recon 250 MPG – 29.4 Miles Per Gallon (12.5 km/l)

Will a Honda Recon run without a battery?

No, doing so will cause unnecessary strain on your vehicle’s charging system, which will in turn deteriorate the stator and/or the regulator/rectifier.

How much does a 250 Honda Recon cost?

Top Speed Honda Recon 250 Price

250 Honda Recon Cost

BASE MSRP: $4,299

+Destination Charge: $400.00

Honda Recon 250 Spec


details and find out more about the technical aspects that contribute to the exceptional quality of this ATV.

A Farm Field with a Red ATV
Honda Recon 250 Specs TRX250 TE/TM – Honda Recon models are identified by two-letter codes that pertain to the type of two-wheeler drive it is and the type of transmission it has. These codes can be found in the model’s specifications. If the ATV in question has a TM code attached to it, this indicates that it has a two-wheel drive configuration and a manual shift, whereas a TE code indicates that it uses an electric shift.

The engine that powers the Honda Recon 250 is a 229cc air-cooled overhead valve (OHV) single-four-stroke engine that is longitudinally mounted. This engine packs a lot of power into a relatively small package. The bore and stroke are both 68.5 millimeters by 62.2 millimeters, and the induction has a carburetor with a diameter of 22 millimeters (view on Amazon). Simply pushing a button is all that is required to get started on your next adventure. The starter is electric and features an auxiliary recoil, and it is very simple and easy to use.

Transmission: It has a fully automated clutch with a five-speed transmission, which also has a backward feature that allows for quick and easy changes while navigating through your paths. This transmission also has five forward gears and one reverse gear.

Driveline – The direct rear driveshaft is an important component that helps transmit power from the engine to the wheels, which in turn propels the vehicle forward toward its destination.

Suspension: The front suspension is an independent double-wishbone design that provides 5.1 inches of travel, so you can anticipate a ride that is relatively comfortable thanks to this configuration. In contrast, the rear suspension is a swing arm equipped with a single shock that provides a travel distance of 4.9 inches. When venturing out into the wild, one is afforded the opportunity to perform some deft maneuvers as a result of this.

When it comes to the brakes, safety is prioritized with front brakes that employ a dual-sealed hydraulic drum and with rear brakes that employ a single mechanical drum that is sealed. This set of breaks will make it much simpler for you to stop and turn when necessary.

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