2022 Toyota Tundra is Born.

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2022 Toyota Tundra Limited
2022 Toyota Tundra Limited

Introduction of the 2022 Toyota Tundra

After nearly 25 years in the market, the new 2022 Toyota Tundra has finally evolved into a cutting-edge design with a full size style and enormous utility. And it is no surprise that a lot of truck lovers are impressed by this work of art as it boasts to be the first full size pickup equipped with a diesel engine. As one of the best vehicles made by Toyota, it goes without saying that this beast comes with undeniable power. But aside from its undoubted excellence when it comes to performance and the in-house features, there are other reasons why this new truck should sit atop your list of future purchases.

The start of a new year is always a time of fresh starts, and this year is no different. With so many new cars, trucks and crossovers being revealed in 2019 there will be no doubt that we’ll all be buying some new mode of transportation. One of these companies is the Toyota Motor Corporation. The Japanese automotive company is announcing its latest truck, the 2022 Toyota Tundra. The Tundra is an entry-level full-size pickup truck from Toyota, which was introduced back in 1992 and has been a fan favorite ever since. This truck series has not only brought great success to the company over the years but it also played a major role in putting Toyota on the map for American drivers who were looking for quality yet affordable pick-up trucks.

The wait for the new 2022 Toyota Tundra is over as the striking machine has finally roared into showrooms. In fact, the sixth generation of this full-size pickup truck was unveiled way back in 1992 and since then, it has lived through seven models and generations without losing any of its luster or glory. The redesigned truck boasts of brand new styling and updated technology on board. This year’s model is also the first time when a crew cab model with a diesel engine has made it to the lineup.

The first thing that you recognize with the new Tundra is its height, something that no longer comes with an extra-cost package. The new truck’s sleeker exterior design adds to its less bulky appearance along with a lower hood and grille and 2.6 inches has been shaved off the cab height, made possible by a chassis that sits about 2.4 inches closer to the ground. Active aero shutters in the front grille have been revised for better airflow to the radiator and other engine cooling components, while smaller front and rear fascias decrease wind resistance, resulting in improved fuel economy.

The Toyota Tundra is still designed for the truck buyer and features higher ground clearance, a solid rear axle, and a more rugged frame than the lighter and smaller Tacoma pickup. However, the most important change to the exterior is its “sleeker” body style, with improved aerodynamics and fuel efficiency. Although it was not one of the first trucks to offer fuel economy options, Toyota has recently worked on making themselves known as a company that cares about the environment and also profits from their designs.

The new Tundra has better aerodynamics which improves efficiency; along with an interior that offers better visibility thanks to larger front windows and an overall vehicle length reduction. Much like Chevrolet’s Silverado, the Tundra has remained part of the full-size truck market despite increased competition from foreign automakers such as Nissan’s Titan and Dodge’s Ram models. This trend continues with an all-new version of the 2008 Toyota Tundra that includes several new redesigned exterior elements including active grille shutters on V8 engines to bring more cooling air into engine bay to improve fuel economy and insulation in order to help improve comfort for enhanced sound deadening. Also for US consumers, there is an optional engine stop-start system for models equipped with a 5

The 2022 Toyota Tundra will go on sale late this year with, pricing announced closer to launch. Prices for the 2021 Tundra range from $34,025 to $49,245 for the top Platinum and 1794 models.

The 3.5-liter V6 produces 381 horsepower and 401 lb-ft of torque, which powers the model with a 0 to 60 mph time in 7 seconds for two-wheel drive and 6.8 seconds for its four-wheel drive variant. It will go all the way up to 137 miles per hour, which makes the Tundra much quicker than its predecessor despite of the heavier curb weight.

Six Trim Levels to watch out for

The 2022 Tundra will come in SR, SR5, Limited, Platinum, 1794, and TRD Pro trim levels. The i-Force 3.5L will be the standard engine in all trims except TRD Pro, which uses the hybrid powertrain. The hybrid is an option on Limited, Platinum, and 1794 models.

The i-Force 3.5L

  • Standard i-FORCE 3.5L twin-turbo V6 produces up to 389 horsepower, 479 lb.-ft.
  • Available i-FORCE MAX powertrain produces up to 437 horsepower, 583 lb.-ft.
  • Up to 12,000-pound maximum towing capacity
  • Bold exterior styling complements spacious, well-equipped interior
  • Available 14-inch touchscreen highlights all-new Audio Multimedia system
  • 12.3-inch Instrumentation Panel display available
  • Toyota Safety Sense 2.5 active safety standard on all grades.

It should come as no surprise that the all-new Tundra was redesigned from the ground up. Designed, engineered and assembled in the U.S., there’s no question this is the toughest, most capable, most advanced Tundra to date. Improvements and enhancements abound, including its new high-strength boxed, steel-ladder frame, aluminum-reinforced composite bed and fully redesigned multi-link rear suspension. The outcome of development efforts gives the stout new Tundra an impressive maximum towing capacity of up to 12,000 pounds and a max payload capacity of 1,940 pounds.

Tundra will offer two different power plant configurations. A new, highly efficient twin-turbo 3.5-liter V6 engine offers impressive output by itself, producing up to 389 horsepower and 479 lb-ft. of torque. When paired with a brilliantly engineered bell-housing motor system called the i-FORCE MAX, the result is a combined performance output of 437 horsepower and a whopping 583 lb.-ft. of torque. Both configurations will be mated to a new 10-speed automatic transmission

A new interior will offer creature comforts for driver and passenger alike, including an available panoramic roof, heated and ventilated front seats, rear sunshade, heated steering wheel and more. A host of new tech features are found throughout Tundra as well, such as towing aids, off-road enhancements, an all-new multimedia system featuring wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto and over-the-air updates. Two different four-door layouts are available, as well as various bed lengths including a 5.5-foot bed, 6.5-foot bed and an 8.1-foot bed.

Toyota Tundra Pickup Truck: Should You Consider a Hybrid? Toyota Canada says its new Tundra hybrid truck is designed to attract a younger, more environmentally conscious buyer. But you might want to think twice before you rush out and trade in your gas-guzzling beast. The New Tundra Hybrid: Why You Need It: A blog about the new hybrid truck and the benefits it allows you to have including saving money through self charging, price reduction by using electric power, longer lasting fuel efficiency and more. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hjrwGRo3NyY

The new 2022 Toyota Tundra pickup truck certainly has a lot to offer, especially in the realm of power and dependability. With arguably the most powerful engine in its segment, outstanding towing capability with the available 5th-wheel/gooseneck hitch package and revamped powertrain, and finally the next-generation 4Runner off-road concept that was displayed at the LA Auto Show; Toyota is showing they’re not only in the performance and dependability business, but also in protecting their lineage as a leading provider of full-size trucks.

2022 Tundra

With all its updates, upgrades and redesigns, the 2022 Toyota Tundra, as with all its predecessors, promises to be a truck that would give you little reason to complain. It is smaller in looks but bigger in engine power, with more performance features and improved stability and efficiency. This makes it worthy of its iconic nameplate, which is actually Japanese for “harbor” or “port”.

While the initial designs may be interesting in terms of design, there is a far more important fact about its features. We are talking about its powertrain, which has three engine options, an eight-speed transmission, selectable terrain modes and Toyota’s proprietary Multi-Terrain Select system which was first introduced on the 2018 Highlander SUV. The new 2022 Toyota Tundra offers a solid truck that can be customized as well as upgraded to meet your needs. http://www.toyota.com


When you need a pickup that combines power and efficiency, consider the new Toyota Tundra Hybrid. With a twin-turbo V6 engine and motor-generator, it produces more power than many of its competitors, while also offering greater fuel efficiency.

The Tundra Hybrid is designed to meet all your needs, from business to pleasure. It can tow up to 11,170 pounds and carry a payload of up to 1,654 pounds—that’s enough for a standard SUV, plus a boat or camper trailer! But because this truck uses less fuel than its non-hybrid counterparts, you’ll pay less at the pump.

It has an available 5-foot-5 or 6-foot-5 bed for hauling large items or transporting groups of people. The crew cab configuration provides ample seating for family outings or trips with friends on weekends too! And every truck is 4×4 so that you can go off road with ease.

The Toyota Tundra Hybrid is built to last—it has been tested in some of the harshest conditions on earth and can withstand anything from snowfall in Anchorage Alaska to sunshine year round at Death Valley California!

Don’t settle for anything but the best; choose Toyota today! https://quickautobrain.com/2022-toyota-tundra-vs-2022-ford-f150/

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