Toyota Sienna Towing Capacity

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When it comes to vehicles with incredible towing capacity, pickups and large SUVs are usually the first choices. A Toyota Sienna isn’t either of those vehicles. So, is the Toyota Sienna’s towing capacity anything noteworthy? In this article, we’re going to discuss that and more.

To give you all the information needed concerning the Toyota Sienna’s towing capacity we have researched all the relevant details about the Toyota and its towing capacity. Before towing anything on the Toyota Sienna, it is important to make sure the Toyota Sienna’s tow rating match up to the overall weight of the trailer, not just that, it is also important to make sure the Toyota Sienna’s towing capacity will be able to handle the payload and tongue weight demands associated with the all the cargo that is intended to be towed.

To answer the question of the Toyota Sienna’s towing capacity, the Toyota Sienna can tow up to a maximum capacity of 3500 pounds. Like other minivans, the Toyota Sienna is built relatively larger than average cars and can comfortably seat 8 passengers.

This makes the Toyota Sienna a contender when it comes to vehicles that can tow. The downside to this being their carlike body structure and independent suspension makes them not well-suited for towing compared to SUVs and most pickups.

If you’re planning to buy a Toyota Sienna for its towing capacity, there are some factors you may want to check and keep in mind. One of the most important being to ensure that you stay below the weight limit for all components of the vehicle.

Let’s delve deeper.

Toyota Sienna Towing Capacity: Everything You Need to Know

When towing with some minivans, the most important thing to take note of is usually the towing capacity. Once you’ve got that checked, you’re free to tow. That’s not the case with the Toyota Sienna. The Toyota Sienna towing capacity is not the only factor you need to be on the looking out for when deciding to tow with this vehicle. In this section of the article, we’re going to go deeper into everything you need to keep in mind when deciding to tow with the Toyota Sienna.

Toyota Sienna Tow Rating

From taking a look at the owner’s manual, you can see that the towing capacity is 3500 pounds. Looking back at previous models as far back as 1997, the Toyota Sienna towing capacity has been relatively the same, provided it has the tow package. Without the tow package, the Toyota Sienna’s towing capacity can take a hit and drop to 2000 pounds.

Quick detour, what is a tow package?

A tow package is a device that is attached to the chassis of a vehicle for well, towing. Before anything is towed on a Toyota Sienna, it is important to make sure the tow package is intact. There are four types of tow packages: light-duty, medium-duty, heavy-duty, and extra heavy duty.

Given that the Toyota Sienna’s tow capacity is 3500 pounds, the right tow package would be the heavy-duty tow package. For vehicles that can tow above 3600 pounds, the right tow package would be the extra heavy-duty tow package.

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Tongue Weight

Tongue weight is the total amount of weight that the trailer tongue exerts downward. Toyota states that the recommended tongue weight be 10 or 11% of the total trailer weight. Making sure these percentages are balanced is necessary to keep the vehicle stable when in motion.

How do you know the tongue weight of the load being hitched? There is a piece of equipment called weight scales that helps determine the weight of the load. 

To adjust the tongue weight, you can balance the heavy loads on the front and back of the vehicle. When doing this, it is important to ensure that you do not go beyond Toyota’s recommended capacity of 3500 pounds.

Trailer breaks

The Toyota manual guide states that the weight limit for a trailer without brakes is 1000 pounds. This means if your Toyota Sienna is towing anything above 1000 pounds, it must have its brakes. To fully optimize the brakes and manage them with the Toyota Sienna’s towing capacity, you should get a trailer brake controller to send brake inputs to your trailer.

Gross Combined Weight Rating

The gross combined weight rating of the Toyota Sienna concerning its towing capacity is the total weight of both the trailer and the vehicle. This is the total mass of everything loaded in the Toyota Sienna and the trailer or whatever is being towed.

There are scales meant to weigh vehicles. These scales are to be used to weigh the Toyota Sienna and what is being towed. And the results can be measured against the limits set by Toyota.

Does the Toyota Sienna Come with a Tow Package?

Toyota currently does not come with a tow package. A new Toyota Sienna can be optioned to come with a tow package but this tow package simply isn’t everything needed to tow with your Toyota Sienna. To fully maximize your Toyota Sienna’s towing capacity, you’re going to need to install a hitch along with the towing package.

Tow hitches come in many different packages, but class 3 is the best fit for the Toyota Sienna.

Is the Toyota Sienna a Good Option for Towing?

Deciding whether or not a Toyota Sienna is good for towing depends entirely on how much you intend to tow. If you’re going to be towing a trailer below the 3500 pounds capacity for a family vacation, then the Toyota Sienna is a great option. Its hybrid engine of 2.5l and two electric motors give it the power it needs to tow heavy loads for long distances with considerable fuel efficiency.

What also makes the Toyota Sienna a good option for towing is the all-wheel drive. This is a very important feature as it gives your vehicle the ability to maneuver through harsh road conditions. The AWD helps make the Toyota Sienna’s capacity even better as it can pull heavy loads through over 6-inch snow without getting stuck.


The Toyota Sienna’s towing capacity is a great option for towing if you intend to tow less than 3500 pounds. If you’re towing over that capacity, the Toyota Sienna would not be a great option.

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